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Bodmin Town Council
Shire House, Mount Folly
Bodmin, PL31 2DQ
Tel: (01208) 76616
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Tuesday 22 September 2015
Narisa Hall Criminal Damage

The Narisa Hall is a relatively new community building (rebuilt in 2010) and is used by Bodmin Town Band with other community groups using the building on a room hire basis.

This building has been repeatedly targeted by vandals and the Council would urge any member of the public who witnesses any suspicious activity or criminal damage taking place to report this to the Police.

This ongoing and repeated criminal damage is drawing Council resources away from routine grounds and property maintenance work and incurs additional costs that could be better utilised in other areas of the Council’s work.

The repair costs to date are around £2,500. The Town Council would appeal to the public to report crime to the Police should they see it happen in their town.

Below: Recent damage to Narisa Hall

Narisa Hall


Wednesday 9 September 2015
Priory Park enjoys another impressive floral year

2015 has been a busy year for the Town Council’s Parks Team. New flower bed designs were added to the Priory Lawn and a new seating area was created to the east of the War Memorial.

Flower bedMany visitors to the town have commented upon the standard of planting and the vibrant colours of the flower beds and the hanging baskets on Mount Folly.

The Drum Head Bed symbolises the drum head altar, often seen on the battlefield. The anchor commemorates all of those who served in the Royal Navy, Royal Fleet Auxiliary and in the Merchant Marine Service.

In 2015, the Commonwealth Bed displayed the Maple Leaf as a tribute to the support provided by Canada to the United Kingdom during both World Wars.

In WW1, Canada was the first of the Commonwealth (then Empire) countries to declare their support for this country. Many Canadian servicemen were killed during both wars.

Flower bedSeveral other and five new trees have been planted on the Priory Meadow.

Left and above: two of the new flower bed designs.


Wednesday 9 September 2015
First phase of new play area for Berryfields

The Town Council is pleased to report that Phase 1 of the new Berryfield play area has been completed.

The area now provides a three bay swing set, a stand on see-saw and a stand-on button roundabout. Colourful Matta safety surfacing has also been added.

Local Town Councillor, Deputy Mayor, Jacquie Gammon who is a resident of the area has stated; ‘I am very pleased that we have been able to deliver the first phase of the play area programme. This has taken a great deal of hard work and time but it is undeniably worth the effort, when we manage to provide play equipment of such high quality for children in the Berryfield area.’

It is hoped that Phase 2 of the development can be undertaken in 2016.

Below: The new equipment and matting at the Berryfield play area.

Phase 1 of the new Berryfields Play Area

Friday 4 September 2015
New benches dedicated to all those who have served their country

On Saturday 15 August 2015 the Council hosted an event to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of VJ Day which marked the official end of hostilities in the Second World War.

The event took place in Priory Park, Bodmin, and included the dedication of two new benches near the War Memorial to mark both WW1 and WW2.

The benches were made by David Ogilvie Engineering and were installed by the Council’s Parks Team adjacent to the War Memorial in Priory Park. The area benefits from a semicircular wooden wind shield and a path from the car park to the new seating area to enable less-abled members of the public to enjoy the area with their comrades.

It seemed particularly fitting that the new seating area was dedicated by Canon Graham Minors who as well as being the Regimental Chaplain to the Rifles Association in Bodmin is also a Town Councillor.

As part of the event, Bodmin Women’s Institute dedicated a Liquidambar tree to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Bodmin Branch.

Below: The new benches dedicated on the 15 August 2015 in the new area near the War Memorial.


Below: The plaque dedicated to all who have served this country


Friday 7 August 2015
VJ 70 Event – Priory Park – Saturday 15 August 2015 – 11:00 a.m.

On Saturday 15 August 2015 there will be an event to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of VJ Day which marked the official end of hostilities in the Second World War. The event will take place in Priory Park, Bodmin, and will commence at 11:00 a.m. with a commemoration at the War Memorial when the Mayor will lay a wreath on behalf of the people of Bodmin. This will be followed by a dedication of two new benches near the War Memorial to mark both WW1 and WW2.

As part of the event, Bodmin Women’s Institute will be dedicating a tree to commemorate their 70th anniversary this year.

Bodmin Mayor, Lance Kennedy, said ‘it is important that the Town pays tribute to those who members of our armed services who paid the ultimate sacrifice during the Second World War so that we might enjoy the civil liberties that we enjoy today. Also to pay tribute to those, like the Women’s Institute, who did so much to keep the Home Front going and foster the Great British Spirit’.

Below: one of the new benches that will be dedicated near the War Memorial on Saturday 15 August.

Bench to commemorate the end of hostilities in the Second World War

Monday 27 July 2015
Priory Car Park - Essential Maintenance Work

Bodmin Town Council is currently undertaking essential maintenance work to its Priory Car Park. CORMAC Solutions Ltd is carrying out much needed resurfacing work to the bottom tier of the Car Park.

The Car Park is open during these works with parking spaces remaining available in the middle and on the top tier of the car park.

This work has been scheduled to take place during the summer holidays to mitigate the impact to school traffic. The work is anticipated to last for around 4 working days (commencing Monday 27 July 2015) and the Council would ask that car park users remain patient whilst these works are in progress.

As soon as practicable the car park will reopen so that normal business can be resumed.

Monday 27 July 2015
Tree Planting in memory of Peter Davies

On Tuesday 7 July 2015 members of the Bodmin Beacon Management Advisory Group and members of the community came together to commemorate the invaluable community work carried out by Peter Davies who sadly passed away in May 2013.

Peter spent many incalculable hours supporting a wide range of community groups and organisations in the town from the Beacon Management Advisory Group, Bodmin Town Museum, Bodmin Local History Group and numerous other associations as well as serving as a North Cornwall District Councillor and Town Councillor.

The Beacon Management Advisory Group wanted to recognise Peter's time and dedication to the Local Nature Reserve by way a modest and appropriate legacy that would reflect Peter's enjoyment of this site and the nature that can be found on the town's doorstep. In memory of Peter a Craetagus Pauls Scarlet (ornamental hawthorn) tree was planted during a small ceremony as a tribute to a man who was passionate about preserving the Beacon as a legacy for all to enjoy.

tree plantingMrs Yvonne Davies was present at the ceremony and was very touched that the Beacon Management Advisory Group had wanted to recognise Peter in this fitting and sympathetic way.

Mr David Ferris, Chairman of the Bodmin Beacon Management Advisory Group said, 'the people of Bodmin have much to thank Peter for over the years in one or another role and for his ever friendly and approachable countenance.'

Cornwall Councillor and Bodmin Town Councillor Ann Kerridge said, 'I'm really pleased that Peter will be remembered by a tree on the Beacon, his appreciation of both our natural environment and Bodmin's history was second to none.'

Pictured – Mrs Yvonne Davies planting the tree together with James Clapp (Countryside Ranger, CORMAC Environment).

Thursday 02 July 2015
Silence for Tunisia Victims – 12:00 noon Friday 3 July 2015

There will be a minute’s silence nationally for the victims of the Tunisia tragedy at noon on Friday 3 July 2015.
half-mast flag
In Bodmin, the Mayor invites all members of the community to join with him on the Mount Folly at this time to mark the silence.

Flags at the Shire House and Shire Hall will be flown at half-mast on Friday as a mark of respect for all those killed in last Friday’s shooting in Tunisia.

In Bodmin we will particularly remember Stephen Mellor from the town who was killed and be thinking of his wife, Cheryl who was wounded.

Thursday 02 July 2015
Accounts for year ending 31 March 2015 - Subject to Audit

The Bodmin Town Council accounts for the year ended 31 March 2015 can be viewed online below in PDF format.

Please note that at this present time the accounts are subject to Audit:

  Accounts for year ending 31 March 2015 - Subject to Audit (PDF)

The Councils audit is being conducted under the provisions of the Audit Commission Act 1998, the Accounts and Audit Regulations (England) 2011 and the Audit Commission’s Code of Audit Practice.

The audit is being carried out by:

Barrie Morris, Grant Thornton UK LPP, Hartwell House, 55-61 Victoria Street, Bristol, BS1 6FT. Tel 0117 305 7600

Monday 22 June 2015
Sound the Retreat – Priory Park, Bodmin – 26 June 2015


Bodmin Town Council apologises but due to circumstances outside our control the Sound the Retreat has been cancelled this evening.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

(Original Article below...)

The Band and Bugles of the Rifles will Sound the Retreat in Priory Park on the evening of Friday 26 June 2015.
This colourful and spectacular performance will take place on the Football Pitch (assuming the weather is good) and will commence at 6:30 pm. and lasts for approx 45 minutes.

The Rifles enjoy the Freedom of the Town and will Sound the Retreat in exercise of that Freedom. The Council hopes that the public will come and watch the performance and support our Armed Forces.

Bodmin Mayor, Lance Kennedy said ‘The freedom of this historic County town remains the highest honour we can bestow; it is with gratitude to those who have served and currently serve in our armed forces that we recognise their sacrifice and service.

History has shown us, and world news reaffirms on a daily basis, it is only by professionalism, courage and dedication of those who volunteer preserve our right to enjoy civic freedoms.

It is with pride that on behalf of the Council and residents of Bodmin we reconfirm the extending of the Freedom of the Town of Bodmin to the Rifles.’

Friday 05 June 2015
Accounts for year ending 31 March 2015


Accounts for the year ended 31 March 2015

Audit Commission Act 1998, Sections 15 and 16 and The Accounts and Audit (England) Regulations 2011 (SI 2011 No.817)

Each year the Council’s/Meeting’s annual return is audited by an auditor appointed by the Audit Commission. Any person interested has the opportunity to inspect the accounts and make copies of the annual return and all books, deeds, contracts, bills, vouchers and receipts etc relating to them. For the year ended 31 March 2015 these documents will be made available on reasonable notice on application to Anne Banks, Responsible Finance Officer between the following dates;

19 June to 16 July 2015, Monday to Friday between the hours of 10.00am and 2.00pm at Shire Hall, Mount Folly Square, Bodmin, Cornwall, PL31 2DQ

Local electors and their representatives have rights to;

  • Question the auditor about the accounts; and
  • Object to the accounts or any item in them. Written notice of an objection must first be given to the auditor and a copy sent to the Council.

The auditor can be contacted at the address below for this purpose on 21 July 2015 and until the audit has been completed.

The Councils audit is being conducted under the provisions of the Audit Commission Act 1998, the Accounts and Audit Regulations (England) 2011 and the Audit Commission’s Code of Audit Practice.

The audit is being carried out by:

Barrie Morris, Grant Thornton UK LPP, Hartwell House, 55-61 Victoria Street, Bristol, BS1 6FT. Tel 0117 305 7600

This announcement is made by:


Date of Announcement – 5 June 2015

Tuesday 26 May 2015
TripAdvisor Award for Bodmin Town Council’s Visitor Attraction

It was smiles all round at the Shire Hall this week, as the team learned that its visitor attraction,the Courtroom Experience, is to receive a Certificate of Excellence for 2015, from the online review site, TripAdvisor. Trip Advisor

The Courtroom Experience has had a presence on TripAdvisor for the last twelve months and the members of staff have been eagerly monitoring the customer feedback.

Delighted with the news, Information Officer, Wendy Wright said, “We have always believed that the Courtroom Experience is a fascinating piece of history in Bodmin town centre, but to have an organisation like TripAdvisor, give us the thumbs up, is amazing!”

Councillor Sarah Horne, Chairman of the Town Council’s Promotions Committee said “To get feedback of 96% of reviewers stating that your attraction is excellent or very good is an outstanding achievement. I would urge anyone who hasn’t visited this attraction to go along to the Shire Hall and try it for yourself.”

The Courtroom Experience has been run by Bodmin Town Council since 2000. It celebrates the heritage of the Shire Hall by recreating the infamous trial of Matthew Week. Visitors are invited to watch the Victorian trial and then make a judgement as to whether they think Matthew is guilty of murdering his girlfriend, Charlotte Dymond. Afterwards, there’s a chance to visit the tiny holding cells, below ground, where Matthew and many other poor souls would have awaited their fate.

The Courtroom Experience is open all year round with tours taking place from 11am and hourly throughout the day. It is child friendly, a great place to visit with your school or group and is also open to owners with their four legged friends.

For more details on the Courtroom Experience including the full opening hours and admission prices please visit website.

Below: The Courtroom Experience

The courtroom experience

Friday 22 May 2015
New Play Equipment for Fair Park Play Area

Spring is here at last! It has been a long winter but we are now beginning to see signs of spring in Bodmin.

Following the promise undertaken last year, the Town Council has now installed two items of play equipment, for the smaller members of our community, in Fair Park.

The new multi-play item provides the opportunity for climbing, sliding and sensory amusement, whilst the, two-seater, grasshopper springer has already provided a great opportunity for several budding rodeo riders to polish up their skills!

Below: The Grasshopper Springer at Fair Park

Grasshopper Springer

Friday 10 April 2015
Bodmin Beating of the Bounds 2015


Over 100 people participated in the Beating the Bounds which took place on Wednesday 8 April 2015.  The event, which takes place every 5 years, was organised jointly by the Rotary Club of Bodmin and Lions Club of Bodmin with support from Bodmin Town Council.


The 14 mile walk was enjoyed by all ages and offers a unique view of the town as walkers crossed fields, meadows, brooks, streams, rivers and through wooded areas.


At key locations the Mayor hurled coins into the river with Phil Wrixon deputising as Town Crier shouting the customary 'Oyez! Oyez! Oyez! Thus far extends the ancient borough of Bodmin.  Oller boys Oller!'


The organisers would like to thank all those involved in making this event happen with special thanks extended to all landowners for permitting access so that this ancient custom and tradition can continue for future generations.

Mayor, Councillor Andy Coppin being 'bounced' by members of the Rotary Club and Lions Club of Bodmin on the town boundary stone at Callywith Gate near Steppes Farm

Beating of the Bounds 2015

Below: Walkers enjoying the rugged terrain of Bodmin's town boundary

Walkers walking town boundary

For further information please see the 'Beat programme' below which details the history of the walk and the route taken by walkers.

  Beat programme 2015 (PDF)

Friday 10 April 2015
Bodmin Town Council consults on minor changes to the Car Parking Order.

Bodmin Town Council is consulting on minor changes to the Car Parking Order.

See the PDF document below to view these changes.

  Parking Order Amendments 2015 (PDF)

Thursday 02 April 2015
Go! Bodmin - Initial meeting of new Forum

You are invited to the initial meeting of Go! Bodmin - a forum set up to address the issues faced by Bodmin's disability community.

Our initial meeting will discuss the creation of a ShopMobility scheme and who would like to be involved.

After the initial meeting the forum will continue to meet to plan a strategy for addressing the accessibility issues faced by the disability community.

For more information contact Councillor Pete Skea - telephone 07766 514395 or email and Richard Brown - telephone 07747 343637 or email .

Meeting details:

Date: Monday 13th April 2015
Venue: Shire House Suite
Time: 9.30 am - 11.30 am

  Go! Bodmin Forum Flyer (PDF)

Friday 27 March 2015
Redesigned Entrance at the Beacon

Bodmin Town Council has carried out some minor works to improve the main entrance to the Beacon LNR to enable wider access for all users of the site including parents with buggies.

This redesigned entrance links in with the recently installed new footpath which assists with the creation of an improved footpath link with St. Guron's Way.

The Council hopes that the removal of the timber kissing gate helps with easier access for users of the Beacon.

These works were carried out by the Town Council's in-house team using granite stones sourced locally from De Lank quarry.

Tuesday 24 March 2015
Commemorative Events in 2015

70 VE DayBodmin Town Council will be working with the Bodmin Branch of the Royal British Legion on commemorative events to mark the seventieth anniversary of the end of World War II and recognise the supreme sacrifice made by service men and women and civilians.

Victory in Europe Day commemorations (VE70)

Friday 8 May 2015 - 3:00 p.m. - VE 70 – The Mayor will lead the two minutes silence on the Mount Folly. The silence is being observed nationally and is timed to coincide with the moment Winston Churchill broadcast to the nation on VE Day in 1945.

Sunday 10 May 2015 – timings to be confirmed – VE 70 event by War Memorial in Priory Park.

70th Anniversary VJ Day (VJ70) – The Council will also be hosting an event on Saturday 15 August 2015 to commemorate the 70th anniversary of VJ Day.

The Mayor, Councillor Andy Coppin, said ‘It is important that we reflect on the sacrifices made by those in the Armed Forces and by civilians on this 70th anniversary of VE and VJ Days and remember those who gave so much for our freedom.’ More detailed information about these events will be uploaded in due course.

Friday 27 February 2015
Bodmin Attractions need your help!

A group in Bodmin has been working on putting together a brand new app for Bodmin.

The app, which will be free for locals and visitors to download, will showcase old and new Bodmin, taking the user on an interesting trail around the historic county town.

Wendy Wright, Information Officer for the town’s Information Centre said “With this app we want to show the user Bodmin’s rich heritage; show how the town has developed over the years.” She added “Just think of all the history that can be learnt from Bodmin Jail or from the old Assize Courts. It really is amazing how much heritage there is in this town!”

Councillor Sarah Horne, Chairman of the town council’s promotions committee said “We are asking for the whole community to get involved with the production of this app. If there are residents that have some interesting photos of Bodmin- old or new - that they are willing for us to use, we’d love to hear from them.”

This is the second project of the Bodmin Attractions group, which is comprised of Bodmin and Wenford Railway, Bodmin Town Museum, Bodmin Jail, Cornwall’s Regimental Museum and the Courtroom Experience.

It is hoped that the new app will mimic the success of the Bodmin Attractions’ Leaflet that was published in July 2014.

Members of the public are asked to take their images to the Information Centre at the Shire Hall on Mount Folly Square in Bodmin or send an email to Wendy Wright, Information Officer.

Perhaps, while you're there have a browse around and experience some of Bodmin's rich history in the Shire Hall’s courtrooms.

Wednesday 17 February 2015
Silver Award for Shire Hall Team

On Thursday 12th February, Bodmin Visitor Information Centre was again named as one of the best tourism businesses in the Westcountry, at the annual South West Tourism Excellence Awards.

The event, being described as ‘a record finale to a record year’, culminated in the presentation of 98 trophies. The awards broke the previous record for entries with 425 submissions being considered, each going through a rigorous 3-stage judging process of marking, visits and panel meetings.

Held at the stunning location of the Grand Pier in Weston Super Mare, the team from the Shire Hall’s Information Centre was thrilled, when it was announced that they were to be awarded the silver for the category of best tourist information centre.

The Information Officer, Wendy Wright, was very happy for the Information Centre to be recognised and said “I am delighted that our small team has been awarded again. Everyone at the Shire Hall works so hard and makes a great contribution to everything that we do. The staff should be justly proud of themselves”

The Tourist Information Centre reports to Bodmin Town Council’s Promotions committee which is chaired by Councillor Sarah Horne who commented “the Shire Hall team have shown great consistency over the years in their offer of a high quality service and have done so well at keeping Bodmin firmly on the map”

The Shire Hall Team will now be considered for the national, England for Excellence Awards, results of which will be announced at an awards ceremony on 11th May.

Pictures - Below: Information Officer, Wendy Wright together with Information Assistant Talisa Powell at the awards ceremony. Bottom: The Team's Silver award outside the Grand Pier at Weston Super Mare.



Thursday 29 January 2015
Innovative Town Centre Improvements

On Monday 19 January 2015 Bodmin Town Council hosted a shared space presentation in the Shire House Suite to key stakeholders regarding the opportunity to take a fresh approach to traffic management in the town to deliver positive benefits for pedestrians and cyclists.

Ben Hamilton-Baillie who is a internationally renowned expert on innovative solutions for reconciling traffic movement with quality public spaces in cities, towns and villages, gave a thought provoking presentation based on examples within the UK where this concept has been delivered and is working even better than expectations.

The proposals, whilst at first glance may appear to be counter intuitive, would result with motorists becoming more engaged with their surroundings, reducing speed as they enter the newly defined shared space, enabling people to move more freely and with greater confidence. Data recording has shown that in areas where shared space has been employed, pedestrian accidents have significantly reduced.

The Shared Space concept offers a real opportunity to redress the balance away from vehicular priority, enabling the removal of stop / start features such as pedestrian controlled traffic lights which would maintain traffic flow but at reduced speeds to around 17 to 19 mph. This opportunity for Bodmin would create a place where people would want to spend time and to dwell in a place to enjoy the amenities. Bodmin currently suffers from the 'nip in and out' trade as the shopping experience is marginalised by traffic.

For a case study of a town where shared space scepticism was turned into pride of place reality and free movement for all, the shared space concept has delivered economic and dwell time benefits for the community. To discover more about the potential positive benefits please visit website for the Poynton, Cheshire case study.

The Poynton project won the 2013 Highways Magazine Annual Awards for congestion reduction, and was runner-up in the 2013 CIHT 'Streets' awards (Highly Commended). It was one of three finalists in the Academy of Urbanism "Great Streets" award 2014.

The funding that has been secured will also see an improved cycle link through the town improving Bodmin's connectivity with the cycling hubs at Cardinham and Lanhydrock and also result with the Camel Trail link coming into the town centre realising the economic spend per head by cyclists in the towns local businesses and as capitalised on by Wadebridge and Padstow.

The Town Council is fully supportive of the shared space concept as it is a real opportunity for the positive development of the town. The Town Council is aware that other town's in Cornwall are keen to pursue shared space for their communities and Bodmin can be at the cutting edge and take the lead for Cornwall.

For recent press coverage of this concept please see

Wednesday 21 January 2015
Two Bodmin Town Councillor Vacancies For St Marys Ward

Applications are invited from residents, or others appropriately qualified, in Bodmin for the voluntary position of Councillor to Bodmin Town Council. Refer to document below for details.

  Notice of Vacancies in Office as Town Councillor (PDF)

Friday 9 January 2015
Bodmin St Piran's Day Celebrations 2015

St Piran's Day 2015
St Piran's Day
BODMIN ST PIRAN’S DAY COMMITTEE Invite the people of Bodmin to celebrate St Piran’s Day with them and the children on Thursday 5th March 2015.

The celebrations will commence with a parade down through the town to the Mount Folly where invited dignitaries will address the gathered crowd which will be followed by the children singing and dancing.

The children will then be escorted to St Petroc’s Church where they will present their own contributions to mark St Piran’s Day and celebrate by eating a good old Cornish Pasty.

Parade will commence at from the Library on Lower Bore Street.

All are welcome

  St Piran's Day Poster (PDF)


Tuesday 6 January 2015
New Bodmin Produce Market

New Bodmin
Produce Market
The New Bodmin Produce Market begins on Friday the 13th March at 10am in St Petroc’s Church. The official opening will be carried out by Councillor Andy Coppin the Mayor of Bodmin at 11am.

If you, or someone you know, wants a stall in the Market then please contact me on and we can arrange it. Otherwise come along to the Market have your lunch there from the stalls serving fresh cooked food and then buy some more Cornish produce to take home from the varied produce available.

The Markets will occur on the second Friday of the month from the 13th March until the last one for the year which is on Friday the 9th October. Put the dates in your diary so you don’t miss any. During the first three Markets I will be offering the prize of a food hamper worth £50 made up of Cornish produce some of which, I hope will come from the stalls in the Market. I haven’t decided yet whether I give tickets away or sell the tickets for the raffle but they might be just given away for the first Market.

If you think that someone is making a large profit from this then think again. There are no salaries, even for me, and any profit will be given to local Community Groups by means of an application procedure in the Autumn.

Come along to the Market and spend some money knowing that it is a Community event and you will be supporting Bodmin’s local groups.

For more details you can go to the Website at and our Facebook Bodmin Produce Market. The latter is under development.

Wednesday 24 December 2014
The True Spirit of Christmas and Community in Bodmin

Thanks to the hard work of a lot of lot of community minded people, the replacement Christmas tree has been installed on the Mount Folly.

The tree was officially lit up live on television yesterday evening (Tuesday 23 December) by the Mayor, Councillor Andy Coppin, ably assisted by Norman Trebilcock of Fleet. This has only been made possible because of the generosity and effort of a number of people, including Chris Mason and Andrew Ball from the Forestry Commission, Senior NCOs and soldiers from 232 Port and Maritime Squadron, Adrian and staff from Wanless Electrical, Paul Taylor from Lite Electrical, the Local Police and PCSOs and Bodmin Town Council staff. Thanks are also due to the members of Bodmin Band who turned out at very short notice to provide music for the event.

Many of those attending the event commented that the lighting up of the tree and the sound of the brass band playing Christmas Carols on a crisp winter’s evening was a great start to the Festive Season.

A poignant moment during the proceedings was the Reverend Canon Graham Minors saying prayers and presiding over a period of silence as a mark of respect for those who had tragically lost their lives in the recent accident in Glasgow City Centre.

Whilst the initial act of vandalism to the tree by a few antisocial people was depressing and demoralising for the Town Council and the public, the work of the people mentioned above and the huge amount of support from the community truly reflects the spirit of Christmas and Community in the town.

The Mayor, Town Councillors and all Town Council staff would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy, Healthy and Peaceful New Year.

Below: Photographs taken during the night showing public support for the new tree and lights. Among them members of Bodmin Band and Mayor of Bodmin, Andy Coppin.

Monday 22 December 2014
Christmas Message From The Mayor

On behalf of The Town Council I would like to wish all the townsfolk of Bodmin, both past, present and of course our many visitors, a very Merry Christmas.

It was my honour to be elected Mayor in May, having lived in our town all my life. 2014 has been a busy year and poignant year as we commemorated the start of World War One a century ago. As we sit in our warm homes, surrounded by friends and family this Christmas I would ask that we spare a thought for the many people that gave up all of their future Christmases so that we could live our lives in freedom and peace.

Please, also, consider members of our current Armed Forces and emergency services who will be on duty whilst the rest of us enjoy our Christmas Holiday.

We also commemorated the World War with a stunning red white and blue light display on our towns Christmas tree. This alongside some improved lighting in the town, especially on the mount folly, made for a spectacular lighting up event at the end of November. I have never seen our town looking as good and I once again thank the Christmas Lights Committee and our own Council staff for their achievements.

Sadly, some small-minded person or persons chose to attack the tree lights and then the tree itself, forcing us to remove it, causing much sadness to myself and many others in the town. However, Bodmin, in true community and Christmas spirit has come together along with some like-minded companies and organisations to replace our tree and our lights.

I am so grateful for all the offers of help and this has truly renewed my faith in how strong the Christmas Spirit is in Bodmin. Please remember this renewed Christmas and community spirit by looking out for anyone alone over the holidays and most importantly be safe and kind to one another as we look forward to the New Year.

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous New Year

Thursday 18 December 2014
Vandals Wreck Town Centre Christmas Tree

Tree Damage
Sadly repeated vandalism has meant that the Christmas Tree on Mount Folly had to be taken down this morning.

The electric cable to the lights had been cut in a number of places and the tree damaged to such an extent that the trunk had badly split and was a safety hazard to members of the public.

However, we have had offers of help from numerous members of the public, local businesses and the local Army unit, and the Town Council is looking at putting up a replacement tree on Monday and lighting it up sometime on Tuesday.

Andrew Ball and Chris Mason of the Forestry Commission are very kindly assisting with the replacement tree and Paul Taylor of Lite Electrical, the firm that supplied the lights that were vandalised has very kindly offered replacement lights free of charge.

Eager Beaver Tree Services and Wanless Electrical, both Bodmin firms, are on standby to assist. The local police are currently carrying out investigations into the vandalism and are reviewing CCTV footage.

The Mayor of Bodmin, Councillor Andy Coppin, has commented that ‘the mood in Bodmin was very sombre this morning, but the community and businesses have rallied round and with the council staff, some of whom have cancelled booked leave next week, we are hopeful that a replacement tree will be in place before Christmas’

Wednesday 17 December 2014
Bodmin Riding and Heritage Weekend 2015

The Bodmin Heritage and Riding Weekend will be on the 4th and 5th of July 2015.

On the Saturday join the crowds and watch the chase of the fearsome Bodmin Beast around the town finally ending up with its trial on Mount Folly.

Sample the goods of the Street Market and the Craft Fair. Come and have a meal in the Food Festival or just buy some Cornish Produce for a treat at home. Watch the street entertainers and listen to the music from the groups ranging from the Town Band to street buskers.

Heritage DayThe children have their own areas with face painting, a clown, stalls and games together with a bouncy castle. Watch the re-enactors fight battles and learn their skills of war and peace.

Come into Priory park to see the music tent for aspiring talent and dance, song and music with a Celtic theme.

On the Sunday join the people re-enacting the return of St Petroc’s bones after they were stolen in 1177 by France. They walk from Mary’s to Mount Folly where there is a brief service and then onto St Petroc’s Church for their return followed by a Riding Service. After the service there is a barrel of ale in the church or outside Chapels for all participants.

For times look at the Website at: or at Bodmin Riding and Heritage Face book. If you can offer help on the day or before please contact Paul Ellis on 0120878839 or

Friday 24 October 2014
Bodmin Remembrance Parade and Service 2014

Bodmin’s Remembrance Parade and Service will take place at the War Memorial in Priory Park on Sunday 9 November 2014.

Events commence at The Keep at 9.40 a.m.; the parade then processes to Priory Park to join in with the proceedings there at 10.00 a.m.

Prayers will be followed by the sounding of the Last Post, a two minutes silence and the Reveille.

Dignitaries, representatives from local services, organisations and individuals will then follow the Mayor in laying wreaths in memory of the fallen.

All members of the public are very welcome to attend. Bodmin Town Council expresses special thanks to Bodmin Town Band for their support again this year.

The Mayoral Party will then salute the war memorial before processing to St Petroc’s Church for the Memorial Service at 11.00 a.m.

The Mayor of Bodmin, Councillor Andy Coppin also wishes to invite members of the public to join him for a two minutes silence at Mount Folly on Tuesday 11 November at 11.00 a.m.

Friday 12 September 2014
St. Petroc's Close school traffic exit arrangements – Priory Car Park

During the summer building works have been taking place at St. Petroc's C of E VA Primary School by the Shaylor Group, the Contractors appointed by the School / LEA to expand the St. Petroc's CEVA Primary School. This work has seen two (2) additional classrooms being provided based on a direct need arising through the school admissions process resulting in an increase by up to a maximum 90 students.

The additional space created by these classrooms will inevitably result in additional peak time vehicular movements and to assist with the ongoing traffic related problems at peak travel times, the Town Council has agreed to trial the following for the autumn school term:

  • The charging period in the Priory 2 Long Stay Pay & Display Car Park will be amended to 9.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. to assist with parent / guardian parking at the school finishing / picking-up time;
  • St. Petroc's Close will be used as an exit route to alleviate traffic problems at the Turf Street / St. Nicholas Street junction. This route will only be operational between 3.00 p.m. and 3.30 p.m. weekdays during term time to assist with some school traffic exiting the Priory Car Park at the end of the school day.
  • This arrangement will be for a trial period i.e. the autumn term which runs from September through to December. New signage will be installed to facilitate this as an exit route.

The Town Council is working with St. Petroc's School and its partners, which includes Cornwall Council and the Police to explore options to mitigate traffic congestion at peak times that the school expansion will incur.

St. Petroc's School have issued parents / carers a new Travel Brochure which sets out and highlights new measures being introduced to reduce traffic congestion which includes a permit system for the Victoria Square Car Park (Cornwall Council owned and managed) to facilitate dropping-off and picking-up of school children. For further information on the School Travel Brochure please contact St. Petroc's School directly.

The Town Council would emphasise that St. Petroc's Close should be used as an exit route only and that between the hours of 9.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. the Priory 2 Long Stay Car Park is a pay and display facility where valid tickets must be displayed in vehicles parked in this area.

Monday 08 September 2014


Audit Commission Act 1998 The Accounts and Audit (England) Regulations 2011
Date of Notice: 04 September 2014

Notice: The audit of the Council’s Accounts for the year ending 31 March 2013 has been concluded on 28 August 2014 by Grant Thornton UK LLP.

Publication of Accounts: A copy of the Statement of Accounts and the Auditor’s certificate and report thereon has been published.

Local Government Elector’s Rights : A local government elector for the parish may obtain, inspect or take a copy of the Statement of Accounts and Auditors Certificate and Report by arrangement with the Town Clerk at the address below or are available on the Council website

Mr Paul O’Callaghan, TOWN CLERK Bodmin Town Council, Shire Hall, Mount Folly Square, Bodmin, PL31 2DQ Monday to Friday 10.00 to 14.00

Copies will be provided to any local elector on payment of £1.00 for each copy of the annual return.

Signature and name of the person giving Notice on behalf of the Council:

Adobe PDF  Annual Return - 31 March 2014 (Audited) PDF.

Thursday 31 July 2014
Annual return for the Financial Year ended 31 March 2014 - Subject to Audit

The Annual Return for the financial year ended 31 March 2014 (subject to Audit) is now available in PDF format.

Adobe PDF  Annual Return - 31 March 2014 (subject to Audit) PDF.

Tuesday 14 July 2014
First World War Commemorations

The Team Rector and Churchwardens of St Petroc’s Parish Church and Bodmin Town Council wish to welcome the public to two special commemorative events to mark the Centenary of the outbreak of the First World War.

On Sunday 3 August 2014 at 3.00 p.m. there will be a Memorial Service held at St Petroc’s Parish Church to remember all those, especially from the local community, who were caught up in the courageous but tragic events of the First World War.

There will also be a Candlelit Vigil at St Petroc’s Parish Church on Monday 4 August 2014. Candles will be lit from 9.30 p.m. and the Service will commence at 10.15 p.m., with the last candles being extinguished at 11.00 p.m.

Members of the public are welcome to attend both of these events.

Thursday 03 July 2014
First World War Centenary Commemoration

First World War Centenary This year sees the Centenary of the start of the First World War which was a turning point in World history. As part of the Town’s commemoration the Town Council, St Petroc’s Church, Cornwall’s Regimental Museum and the Royal British Legion are planning a series of events between 2014 and 2018 to honour and remember the lives of those who served in and were affected by the war.

As part of that commemoration a series of flower displays have been designed for Priory Park that are linked to First World War poetry and will form a reflective commemorative trail which, suitably refreshed, will be a fitting tribute through the duration of the 4 years commemoration until 2018.

This links with plans to plant commemorative trees in the park and throughout the town.

Priory Park - The War Memorial lawn

The Poppy Bed

In 2014, the Royal Naval Association gifted a number of poppy seeds to Bodmin Town Council. It was intended that these seeds should be planted in remembrance of those who fought in World War 1. The ‘Poppy Bed’ is situated to the right hand side of the Priory Park War Memorial. The bed is circular in shape and is planted with Flanders Poppies edged with Artimesia Stellariana and has a red Cordeline Australis at its’ centre. The inspiration for this bed is the famous poem; ‘In Flanders Fields’ by Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae, a Canadian surgeon whilst he was in charge of a field hospital during the second battle of Ypres in 1915.

In Flanders Fields

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.

Horticultural Practice

The War Memorial and Priory Park

The theme of Bodmin in Bloom’s planting in 2014 has been inspired by the fact that this year marks the 100 Year Anniversary of the start of World War 1.

Although situated in the far south-west of the country, Bodmin was not immune from the realities and impact of the Great War. The town itself was a ‘garrison town’, home to the headquarters of the Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry (DCLI).

The 1st Battalion of the DCLI was one of the first to be sent to France. On 23rd August 1914, at dawn, the battalion had their first encounter with the enemy. On that day Private William Thomas Gow became the regiment’s first casualty of the war.

In November 1914, the 2nd Battalion of the DCLI joined the fray and the 3rd (Reserve) Battalion mobilised at Bodmin.

Not all who enlisted joined the army, many went into Naval Service and, indeed, many horses from local farms were requisitioned for the purpose of pulling guns and wagons at the Front.

For the Fallen

In order to provide continuity in relation to our planting of flower beds, the poem entitled ‘For the Fallen’ by Laurence Binyon has been used.

‘For the Fallen’ contains what, perhaps, are the most famous lines, which are recited in churches and cemeteries across the world, during the period of Remembrance.

Binyon composed his poem while sitting on the cliff-top looking out to sea from the north Cornish coastline and a plaque marks the location at Pentire Point, north of Polzeath.

The poem was written in mid-September 1914, a few weeks after the outbreak of the First World War. During these weeks the British Expeditionary Force had suffered casualties following its first encounter with the Imperial German Army at the Battle of Mons on 23rd August, its rearguard action during the retreat from Mons in late August and the Battle of Le Cateau on 26th August, and its participation with the French Army in holding up the enemy at the First Battle of the Marne between 5th and 9th September 1914.

For the Fallen

Poem by Robert Laurence Binyon (1869-1943), published in The Times newspaper on 21st September 1914.

1st Stanza

With proud thanksgiving, a mother for her children, England mourns for her dead across the sea. Flesh of her flesh they were, spirit of her spirit, Fallen in the cause of the free.

War Memorial

The first stanza of the poem appertains to the War Memorial itself. It is the place at which we gather to remember all of those who served their country, irrespective of the role that any individual played. The War Memorial is a symbol of our pride and sadness.

2nd Stanza

Solemn the drums thrill: Death august and royal
Sings sorrow up into immortal spheres.
There is music in the midst of desolation
And a glory that shines upon our tears.

Drum Head Altar Flower Bed

The second stanza of the poem is the inspiration for the ‘Drum Head Altar’ flower bed, which stands behind and to the left of the War Memorial.

The drum head altar was a common site on the battlefield. When the military Padre visited servicemen in ‘the field’, there would inevitably be no altar to focus upon. Consequently, the regimental drums would be placed in the manner shown, in order to provide an altar.

Each year, many regiments in the British Army hold a ‘Drum Head Service’ as part of the military tradition.

The drums on our altar are representative of ‘military drums’. That is, they are coloured predominantly blue with a crimson panel. The three bottom drums are snare drums; the bass drum is placed upon the heads of the tenor drums and the top drum is the tenor.

The drum skins have been created using white Allysum; the brackets are detailed with Echeveria and purple and blue Lobelia.

The Infantry Horn, the cipher of the DCLI has been placed at the front of the altar and is planted up with Altanathera (gold), the apron, upon which the altar is built and is planted with Echeveria Elegans.

The two flags adorning the altar are; the Union Flag and the DCLI Flag.

Union Flag and DCLI Flag

Community Involvement

3rd Stanza

They went with songs to the battle, they were young,
Straight of limb, true of eye, steady and aglow.
They were staunch to the end against odds uncounted,
They fell with their faces to the foe.

The third bed is referred to as ‘the Soldier Bed’ and was designed and will be planted by year Groups 7 & 8, from Bodmin College. This group won the opportunity to work with Bodmin in Bloom on this project. Each child was asked to design a garden for the park. The winning entry (below) was submitted by Jamaya Cabo, however due to the complexity of the bed has been planned to plant for next year, plants will be propagated in the polytunnel.

Soldier Bed Design
The design below by Tutor group 8.4 has been chosen to be planted this year; a mannequin will be planted up to represent a soldier in the centre of the bed.

Soldier Bed Design 2

4th Stanza

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.

This is, perhaps, the best known verse of the poem and is generally recognised by those who hear it.

The fourth flower bed is referred to as the ‘Sunset Bed’. It is domed to represent the Earth and is planted up with broad striped bands of colour which reflect the change of light from night to day, when viewed from west to east. When viewed from east to west, the colours represent day, through sunset, into night.

The compass surrounding the bed has been set out to reflect true North; South; East and West.

Sunset Bed

5th Stanza

They mingle not with their laughing comrades again;
They sit no more at familiar tables of home;
They have no lot in our labour of the day-time;
They sleep beyond England's foam.

6th & 7th Stanzas

But where our desires are and our hopes profound,
Felt as a well-spring that is hidden from sight,
To the innermost heart of their own land they are known
As the stars are known to the Night;

As the stars that shall be bright when we are dust,
Moving in marches upon the heavenly plain,
As the stars that are starry in the time of our darkness,
To the end, to the end, they remain.

These stanzas are reflected in the final bed, which is known as ‘The Star and Moon’ bed. The moon is planted up with Artimesia Stellariana and Osteospermum, whilst the star is planted with Cordeline Australis; Artimesia Stellariana; Leucanthemum and Nemesia.

Star Flower Bed

Commonwealth ‘Peace’ Bed

This bed is situated on the Priory Lawn, closest to the upper tier of the car park. It is planted in colours from the flags of our (then) Empire Allies (now ‘the Commonwealth’).

Among others, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa contributed service personnel to fight alongside British Forces.

During WW1, the Empire (including Great Britain) mobilized a total force of 8,904,467; approximately 908,371 were killed and 2,090,212 were wounded; 191,652 were listed as missing, or as Prisoners of War and the total number of casualties was 3,190,235*.
*Statistics provided by WW1 Casualty Death Tables.

Ceremonial Bed

The final bed relating to the WW1 theme is situated on the bank behind the third tier of the car park. This ‘Ceremonial Bed’ is a new addition to the Priory Park and is planted up using a selection of carpet bedding plants and succulents.

The Commemorative Bed currently displays the image of the Light Infantry Horn. This is intended as a tribute to all of those who have served their country, in both war and peace time.

Friday 13 June 2014
Accounts for year ending 31 March 2014


Accounts for the year ended 31 March 2014

Audit Commission Act 1998, Sections 15 and 16 and
The Accounts and Audit (England) Regulations 2011 (SI 2011 No.817)

Each year the Council’s/Meeting’s annual return is audited by an auditor appointed by the Audit Commission. Any person interested has the opportunity to inspect the accounts and make copies of the annual return and all books, deeds, contracts, bills, vouchers and receipts etc relating to them.

For the year ended 31 March 2014 these documents will be made available on reasonable notice on application to Anne Banks, Responsible Finance Officer between the following dates; 4 July – 1 August 2014, Monday to Friday Between the hours of 10.00am and 2.00pm at Shire Hall, Mount Folly Square, Bodmin, Cornwall, PL31 2DQ

Local electors and their representatives have rights to;

• Question the auditor about the accounts; and
• Object to the accounts or any item in them. Written notice of an objection must first be given to the auditor and a copy sent to the Council.

The auditor can be contacted at the address below for this purpose on 5 August 2014 and until the audit has been completed.

The Councils audit is being conducted under the provisions of the Audit Commission Act 1998, the Accounts and Audit Regulations (England) 2011 and the Audit Commission’s Code of Audit Practice.

The audit is being carried out by: Barrie Morris, Grant Thornton UK LPP, Hartwell House, 55-61 Victoria Street, Bristol, BS1 6FT. Tel 0117 305 7600

This announcement is made by: Anne Banks FMAAT MIAB RESPONSIBLE FINANCE OFFICER

Date of Announcement – 13 June 2014

Tuesday 10 June 2014
Harold Vanderwolfe is made an Honoured Burgess

During the Mayor Choosing Ceremony on 17 May 2014, the Council was delighted to see retired Councillor Harold Vanderwolfe made an Honoured Burgess.

The Former Mayor of Bodmin, Councillor Ken Stubbs presented Mr Vanderwolfe with the Award as his last act as Mayor.

Mr Vanderwolfe is the first person to be made a burgess since 2001, when the honour was bestowed on Peter Fitzgerald.

The 89-year-old, who was wounded in the allied invasion of Normandy on 12 August 1944, is a Bodmin boy, born in what is now Flaxmoor Terrace. Following the war he joined the staff at St Lawrence's Hospital, where he became Acting Senior Nursing Officer.

Mr Vanderwolfe became a North Cornwall District Councillor in the 1980s and in 1991 he joined Bodmin Town Council, twice serving as mayor. Councillor Stubbs commented that Mr Vanderwolfe had proved to be a popular Mayor and a Councillor who commanded respect: "Harold was always a person you could go to for information and advice, which he gave willingly. Earlier this year, it was a sad day when Harold decided to retire from the council. He is certainly missed by all.”

The Mayor of Bodmin, Councillor Andy Coppin echoed Councillor Stubbs’ sentiments and commented that this was a particularly poignant occasion with 2014 marking the 70th Anniversary of the D-Day Landings.

Below: The presentation by Councillor K Stubbs to Harold Vanderwolfe during the Mayor Choosing event.

Tuesday 10 June 2014
Honoured Citizen Award given to Mrs Iris Podmore

During the Mayor Choosing Ceremony on 17 May 2014, the Council was delighted to see Mrs Iris Podmore awarded with the Honoured Citizen Award.

The Former Mayor of Bodmin, Councillor Ken Stubbs presented the Award as one of his last acts as Mayor.

The Council recognised the selfless charity work carried out by Mrs Podmore over the years and considered that her voluntary work had made an invaluable contribution to many local people.

Iris Podmore, a stalwart of the Methodist Church, grew up in Bodmin and taught at the County Primary School and later at Berrycombe School. She has written a history of Bodmin Methodist Church, and, said Mr Stubbs, has always given great encouragement to young people in the town and keenly followed their development. He recently commented: "Iris has played a very active part in the life of Bodmin through numerous organisations, including the history group, Old Cornwall Society and the Bodmin Museum, where she is still a volunteer and supporter. She is a very busy person but still finds time to visit the sick and housebound in the community, as well as those in residential homes. My wife Marion and I have found her to be a very humble and unassuming person, and she is an inspiration to all.”

Below: The presentation by Councillor K Stubbs to Mrs Podmore during the Mayor Choosing event.

Monday 9 June 2014
Preparations for Heritage Day 2014 in full swing

It’s now only a few weeks to the Bodmin Riding and Heritage weekend on the 5th and 6th July. Preparations are now in full swing.

Heritage Day on Saturday the 5th July is even more packed with events than last year. The programmes have been distributed around the shops in Bodmin and its surrounds and you can see the amount of activities that are occurring around the Town.

We have the stalls in Fore street advertising local groups and charities, on Mount Folly there is a full programme of activities for the day. In the Priory Park Car Park there is the Food Festival containing fresh food and produce to buy together with fresh cooked food so you’ll have a wide choice for your lunch.

We have historic cars and motorcycles for you to look at and you can go back in history visiting the Historic encampments of the Iron Age group, The Vikings and the 32nds Regiment of Foot. For the young children there is a children’s area run by Snuggles Nursery with stalls and games so you can leave the children in safety.

In Priory Park there is the Bodmin Future Heritage stage where young people can listen to live music or take part in open jam sessions. There are also several dancers and musicians busking around the Town, watch out for the circus acts, courtesy of Proper Cornish and Kellys. See if you can wake up a statue by putting some money in their bucket, or look up to the stilt walkers around town. Also, why not go on your very own hunt for the Beast of Bodmin, hidden in the shops of Bodmin? Pick up a trail sheet from the Visitor Information Centre.

We also have the Beast rampaging around the Town chased by the Ragadaziow and Helliers. All the pubs will have live music playing and the Ragadaziow will be performing mummer plays outside some of the pubs . You’ll recognise the Ragadaziow because they will be carrying a casket with the bones of St Petroc inside.

At 1:00pm the children from the local schools will be parading down Fore Street to the Riding Tune. We will have Bodmin Band leading the procession together with other bands with the children performing the Riding Dance. They will be judged by the Major from Mount Folly. The children will then cross Turf Street and dance into Priory Park where they will be given something to eat, courtesy of Proper Cornish, and drink. The Mayor will then congratulate the Schools for their effort.

At 15:49, the year of the Prayer Book Revolution, the Beast will be brought to Mount Folly in a noisy, bawdy procession containing all the acts and bands that have taken part in the day. At Mount Folly the beast will be charged with being wild and rude, unkempt and uncivilised, disturbing the peace and frightening the children and being an affront to decency.

After the Trial there will be Cornish Wrestling in Priory Park run by the Cornish Wrestling Association.


Monday 2 June 2014
Installation works at Fair Park

Works commence on site this week at Fair Park in preparation for the installation of the new Quest multi play unit and additional basket swing.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by these essential preparation works and hope to see completion of all works by the end of June-early July in time for the school summer holidays.  

Below: Pictorial representation of the new Quest unit being installed.

Quest Unit

Friday 23 May 2014
Vandalism at Priory Park

Once again, the trees within the Priory Park have been targeted by vandals.

On the evening of 21st May 2014 a young ‘Acer’ tree was completely destroyed (see photograph below). This destruction was unnecessary, vexing and costly.

As we walk through the Priory Park today, we can enjoy the spectacle that is provided by the numerous trees, which were planted by our predecessors many years ago. It was the Town Council’s hope that that legacy would be added to, through the planting of a number of specimen saplings. To date, almost all of those saplings have been destroyed.

The Priory Park belongs to the community as a whole and not to the mindless few, who seem intent on spoiling others pleasure. If you see any act of vandalism being committed on any of the Town Council’s properties, please report the incident to the police immediately, using the non-emergency 101 telephone number. Alternatively, you may report the matter to the Town Clerk, on 01208 76616.

Below: The ruined Acer tree in Priory Park.

Ruined Acer Tree

Thursday 15 May 2014
New Bodmin Mayor Elected

New Mayor
Mayor A J Coppin
A J Coppin
Councillor Andy Coppin was elected to serve as Mayor of Bodmin for 2014/15 at the annual Mayor Choosing ceremony on Thursday 15 May 2014.

Once again the ceremony was held in the St. Petroc’s Parish Church which provided a breathtaking venue to mark the special occasion. Following the ceremony, a Cornish Buffet Reception was hosted in the Shire House Suite.

Councillor Coppin considered it an honour and privilege to be elected as Mayor and recently commented:

"Having lived and worked in Bodmin all my life, I joined the town council to give something back to the community. I am extremely proud of our town; there are some amazing people here. As Mayor I will be an ambassador and will hope to match the truly excellent work achieved by Ken and Marion Stubbs. They will be a very hard act to follow. I hope my youth and enthusiasm will encourage others to appreciate what Bodmin has to offer”.

During the ceremony Councillor Lance Kennedy was elected to serve as Deputy Mayor.

The final act carried out by the former Mayor of Bodmin, Councillor Ken Stubbs was the presentation of two awards. Mrs Iris Podmore received an Honoured Citizen Award and Mr Harold Vanderwolfe received an Honoured Burgess Award.

Monday 12 May 2014
New Commemorative Flower Bed in Priory Park

Website readers may have noticed a recent increase in the level of activity, by BTC Park Staff, in Priory Park.

On the bank adjacent to the upper tier of the car park, work has commenced on the new Bodmin Town Council Commemorative Flower Bed. This bed will be circular, with a diameter of sixteen feet, and will be angled at approximately 30 degrees to ensure that visitors to the park can enjoy a clear view of the chosen theme, which will be depicted in carpet bedding.

It is anticipated that, once established, the bed’s theme will change throughout the year.

Below: Bodmin Town Council Parks Staff work on the new flower bed in Priory Park.

Plant Sale

Wednesday 07 May 2014
Bodmin in Bloom Plant Sale Success

Committee Members from Bodmin in Bloom were very busy at the Annual Plant Sale on Saturday 3 May 2014, raising just under £100 to help with their work.

There were some lovely plants on sale at very good prices - all the plants had been donated by the volunteers.

If you missed it this year, you should keep an eye out for future sales.

Bodmin in Bloom is a project aimed at making Bodmin brighter, cheering up the town with floral displays and organising the School’s painting competition.

The group are always looking for new volunteers – for more information please contact the Town Council on 01208 76616 or e-mail

Below: The Plant sale on Bodmin's Mount Folly

Plant Sale

Friday 25 April 2014
Exciting New Play Equipment For Fair Park Children's Play Area

Bodmin Town Council will be investing in a new piece of multi-use play equipment for the Fair Park with installation scheduled to take place before summer 2014. The new 'Quest unit' will replace the existing central piece of play equipment which was installed in the early to mid 1990's and which currently comprises the climbing hoops and frame and the two slides.

The new piece of equipment demonstrates the Council's commitment to its rolling programme of play area improvements which has seen significant investment take place through a phased delivery. The new equipment is being provided and installed by Mant Leisure at a cost of £20,000.00 plus VAT and will include a standalone basket swing accessible to all ages and abilities. The new equipment and the impact absorbing safety surfacing comply with BS EN 1176 and BS EN 1177 respectively.

The Priory Park children's play area will also be welcoming installation of the final phase of multi-coloured bow top fencing which will replace the wooden section of fencing adjacent the pay and display car park.

Bodmin Town Council also owns and manages the Victoria Square play area and will be taking on responsibility for the small play area in the new Beacon Heights development at Northey Road in the coming months.

Quest Unit
Above: Planned for installation at Fair Park - the 'Quest Unit'.
Below: Also planned for installation - Basket Swing

Basket Swing

Friday 25 April 2014
Spring 2014 Edition Of The Beacon View Newsletter

The latest edition of The Beacon View newsletter is now available and may be viewed below.

Articles include a report on the Beacon LNR's recent Green Flag award, information about the Bodmin Beacon Questionnaire 2013-14, recent works at the Beacon and a report on the Chimney Sweeper Moth.

Adobe PDF  The Beacon View - Spring 2014.pdf

Wednesday 16 April 2014
Bodmin Heritage Day - Saturday 5th July 2014

On Saturday 5th July Bodmin will resound to the great festival of Heritage Day.

There will be a wild and dangerous ‘beast’ roaming the town chased by the Helliers and then brought to trial at the end of the day by the Ragadaziow. There will be dancing, music and singing throughout the town with spectacular stalls in Fore Street and a cafe culture in Honey Street with entertainment all day.

In the Priory Car Park there will be a food festival with vintage car and motorbike displays. A fearsome hoard of Vikings has been invited and will set up camp for the day. There is an Iron Age encampment also representing the tribes that used to live on Bodmin Moor. We have representatives from the 32nd Regiment of Foot marching and drilling in their bright scarlet uniforms. 100 years ago our boys in the Regiment were fighting against that nasty Napoleon so they need all the support that we can give them.

We have a children's area for children up to 8yrs. This is being organised by Snuggles Nursery in Bodmin and there will be stalls and activities going on throughout the day provided by Snuggles, the Bodmin Community Church and other groups.

In the Priory Park there will be the Bodmin Futures Stage with an ‘open mic’ event, so any youngster or teenager who wants can come along and play, sing or perform on the stage. We are also hoping to have rope activities in the park for the entertainment of all.

There will be lots of groups busking around the town for the day including the Renaissance Dancers, a very popular dance group, who aim to make the event interactive, educational, fun and visually stunning.

The events will start at 9:00am and at about midday there will be the Children's procession down Fore Street. At 3:50pm the ‘Beast’ will be paraded down the town in a total cacophony of noise with all the entertainers joining in the procession. At 4:00pm the ‘Beast’ will be tried and after that, at 5:30pm there will be a Cornish Wrestling Competition in the Priory Park.

It's a day full of Cornish entertainment and is the most popular festival day in the Bodmin area and some say beyond. Put it in your diary and come and enjoy the celebration.

More information and details about the acts and events will follow.

32nd Regiment

Above: Picture depicting 32nd Regiment.
Below: Viking re-enactment group at Par beach, August 2013. Picture by Paul Williams.


Monday 24 March 2014
Two Bodmin Town Councillor Vacancies For St Leonards Ward

Applications are invited from residents, or others appropriately qualified, in Bodmin for the voluntary position of Councillor to Bodmin Town Council.

Please apply in writing by no later than 9.00 a.m. on Monday 12 May 2014 setting out in detail your reasons, knowledge and ability for seeking to fill the vacancy.

Applications will be received and the appointments made at the Adjourned Council Meeting on Wednesday 21 May 2014.

Please address your application to: The Town Clerk Bodmin Town Council Shire House Mount Folly Square BODMIN PL31 2DQ

Friday 21 March 2014
Spring has sprung in Priory Park

After a long hard winter, the first signs of spring have begun to appear in Priory Park.

Members of the Parks Team and our resident Horticulturalist have been extremely busy over the past few months and the fruits of their labour have resulted in a riot of colour throughout the park.

Several new species of plants have been introduced to the flower beds, including the daffodil variety ‘Rip Van Winkle'. There is a spectacular multicoloured display of both primulas and polyanthus along the bank of the pond and hyacinths are to be found in several of the flowerbeds scattered around the park.

Grass cutting has now started and the Parks Team are busy around all of the BTC sites preparing for summer.

The Priory Park is an absolute gem in Bodmin’s crown, so why not take a wander through and look at the flowers?

Below: 'Rip Van Winkle'
Rip Van Winkle

Below: Primulas and Polyanthus
Primulas and Polyanthus

Below: Hyacinth

Thursday 13 March 2014
Bodmin St. Piran’s Day – Wednesday 5 March 2014

Bodmin St. Piran’s Day on Wednesday 5 March was by far the biggest and best celebration to date with over 380 local school children participating.

It was clear that this day is firmly in the Bodmin calendar by the number of spectators lining the Fore Street to watch the parade as it wound its way to the Mount Folly with the St. Piran flag flying high and proud with Merv Davey playing the pipes. This year saw the involvement of the schools from the surrounding parishes which brought the community together under the umbrella of Cornish culture and heritage.

Bodmin was proud to welcome the Lord Lieutenant, Colonel E Bolitho OBE, who joined the Mayor of Bodmin, Councillor Ken Stubbs in leading the parade which arrived at the Mount Folly for the signing of Trelawney and dancing coordinated by Alison Davey.

St. Petroc’s Church hosted the performances by each of the schools and this year the standard was extremely high.

The Bodmin Joint St. Piran Committee thank all the people of Bodmin and the surrounding area for their support in commemorating this important civic day.

Kernow Bys Vyken!

St Pirans Day 2014

Friday 28 February 2014
Muscovy ducks spotted around the duck pond

Over the past few months we have seen several different species of duck visiting Priory Pond. One of the unusual looking species is the ‘Muscovy’ which is red black and white (as shown in bottom right of picture below).

Muscovy ducks

Thursday 27 February 2014
Vacancies for Town Councillor - St Leonards Ward

Notice of vacancies in office of Town Councillor along with details of how you can apply may be found in the following document:

Adobe PDF  Notice of Vacancies.pdf

Tuesday 04 February 2014
ST PIRAN’S DAY IN BODMIN – Wednesday 5 March 2014

Bodmin’s fifteenth St Piran’s Day celebrations will take place on Wednesday 5 March featuring the traditional parade which will assemble in the area of the Town Library in Lower Bore Street (from around at 10:45 am) for a 11.00 a.m. parade with Cornwall's Lord Lieutenant, Colonel Edward Bolitho and Bodmin Mayor Ken Stubbs to the accompaniment of a Cornish Piper to Mount Folly where Trelawny will be sung after the loudest “Oggy Oggy Oggy” chants in Cornwall and some short speeches.

Once again children from all of Bodmin's schools and some from the surrounding parishes join together for the most important part of the day's celebrations. In addition to taking part in the march, chanting, dancing and singing, they will be performing in St Petroc’s Church after the march.

Bodmin Lion Kevin Marshall who chairs the committee which has been organising Bodmin's 2014 St Piran's Day said: “Once again Bodmin will be the only place to be on St Piran's Day. What makes Bodmin so special is that we base our day around our children who are the future of Cornwall. Their enthusiasm is infectious bringing Cornwall's traditions alive in a unique way not seen anywhere else. My committee is delighted that Cornwall's Lord Lieutenant Colonel Edward Bolitho OBE has chosen to come to Bodmin on Cornwall's most special day.”

As in previous years Bodmin is expecting to welcome Cornishmen and women from London, Bournemouth and around the country to take part. Keith Truscott who helped set up the first St Piran's Day and has been keenly involved ever since said: “Bodmin's St Piran's day gets better every year.”


10:45 am Assemble Lower Bore Street, Bodmin outside the Town Library
11.00 am March down Lower Bore St, Fore Street to Mount Folly stopping at the Flamank Stone – accompanied by Cornish Piper Mervyn Davey


Mount Folly Speakers Introduced by Town Crier, Nick Prideaux: Ken Stubbs Mayor of Bodmin, Col Edward Bolitho, Lord Lieutenant of Cornwall, Cornwall Councillor Ann Kerridge (Vice Chairman, Cornwall Council).

Tuesday 21 January 2014
Bodmin Town Council – Budget 2014/15

Bodmin Town Council has set a council tax increase of 1.99% on its Precept for 2014/15.

The Council has managed to keep the increase to that level despite a cut in the Council Tax Support Grant that it receives from Government of £18,900 (10.6% reduction on the grant received for 2013/14).

One of the significant costs for the coming financial year is replacement of the roof on the Shire House, which is an expensive business but will keep this Grade II* listed building in good condition for the future.

Ralph Solomons, Chairman of Finance, said: “prudent financial housekeeping and the hard work put into working though the budget cuts last year has been of considerable help as we set the budget for the coming financial year. The budget contains sufficient funding to assist the community group with providing Christmas lights in the town centre, which we know is appreciated by many people in the town. Added to this is the cost to provide public conveniences in the town, which is £58,000 and includes rates and the cost of dealing with vandalism which has been on the increase in recent months”

The total expenditure of the Council to cover operation costs will be £1,289,295 and the Precept for 2014/15 will be £907,620 representing an increase of 1.99% on 2013/14.

For Further information please contact Councillor Ralph Solomons, Chairman of Finance, on 01208 74609 Or Bodmin Town Council 01208 76616

Adobe PDF   Precept Notificatiion Table (PDF)

Monday 13 January 2014
Launch of Bodmin Flood Management Plan

Local residents living in areas of flood risk and representatives from community organisations are invited to attend the launch of Bodmin’s Flood Management Plan on Thursday 23 January 2014 at 7.00 p.m. in the Shire House Suite, Bodmin.

The Bodmin Flood Management Plan primarily aims to raise awareness to flood risk, signpost residents to sources of relevant advice and guidance and to encourage more people in areas of flood risk to sign up to flood warnings. It is also hoped that volunteers will come forward to assist with community resilience and to champion preparedness to their neighbours for flood risk.

Volunteers can also help inform and shape the plan with their invaluable local knowledge about historic and recent flood events, assist with identifying drains that are either blocked, suffer from frequent blockages or do not seem to be emptied frequently enough to mitigate surface water and the risk of flooding in the area.

Local organisations and associations might also be best placed to offer support and help to the community either during or post flood events.

The draft Bodmin Flood Management Plan has been prepared by Bodmin Town Council with support from Cornwall Council and the Environment Agency.

Should you require further information about the draft Bodmin Flood Management Plan please e-mail

Adobe PDF   Letter to local residents - Bodmin Flood Management Plan (PDF)

Adobe PDF   What to do before, during and after a flood - Environment Agency (PDF)

Thursday 03 January 2014
Flood Advice during extreme weather conditions

The Cornwall Community Flood Forum (CCFF) offers the following flood advice for homes and businesses affected by the present extreme weather conditions and flood warnings.

Adobe PDF   Flood Advice Booklet (PDF)

Adobe PDF   Flood advice contact card (PDF)

Friday 20 December 2013
Christmas 2013 message from Bodmin Mayor Councillor K Stubbs

Christmas message 2013  I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

I’m sure many of us will of course be looking forward to a welcome break with some time away from work. However, I also appreciate that others will be working right through the Christmas period ensuring vital services are delivered.

May I take this opportunity to send my sincere thanks to them. As we look to enjoy the Festive Season in the company of our families and friends, it is worthwhile taking time to remember those who are alone at Christmas. Please spare a few minutes to check on elderly neighbours and see that they are alright especially in the stormy wintery weather conditions.

With every best wish for a very Happy Christmas and a Peaceful and Healthy New Year.

Councillor Ken Stubbs, Mayor of Bodmin

Thursday 5 December 2013
3rd Bodmin Scout Group - Chrismas Post delivered - 20p per card

Your local cards delivered - 20p per card - by our Beavers, Cubs and Scouts.

Helping raise vital funds for the group, giving local children the opportunity to experience new things, make friends, and have fun.

PL31 Bodmin area only.

(Last collection 13th December)

Collection boxes can be found at:

Halifax, Celtic Produce, HBH Woolacotts, Stan Mays Stores, Card Factory, Bricknells, Costcutter (College Lane)

Adobe PDF   Christmas Post flyer (PDF)

Monday 11 November 2013
Bodmin Remembers

Bodmin Remembers

Wednesday 13 November 2013
Shire Hall Awarded Fifth Gold!

Shire Hall Award

Thursday 31 October 2013
Annual Audit for the year ending 31 March 2013

Under the Accounts and Audit (England) Regulations 2011 (SL 2011/817) Bodmin Town Council is required to advise that the annual audit has not been concluded and that no audit opinion has been issued within the required timescales, 30 September 2013.

Adobe PDF   Copy of Auditor's letter (PDF)

Grant Thornton UK LLP the Council’s external audit provider has advised the Council that this is due to there being a lack of capacity currently with their senior auditors to review and sign off the accounts. This is a short term delay and this work should be completed in the near future. However the Town Council 2013 Annual Return, Subject to Audit may be viewed below.

Adobe PDF   2013 Annual Return (Subject to Audit) (PDF)

Tuesday 15 October 2013
Help us plan Bodmin's future

Cornwall Council would like your feedback on proposals for the economic and house growth of Bodmin over the next 20 years.

This includes thinking about things such as:

  • Where new offices and industrial space should be built
  • Where new house should be built
  • How we should plan for future school provision
  • How we improve the Town Centre
  • How we improve the cycle and bus networks
  • How we make changes to the road network

The consultation will be for 6 weeks from Monday 21 October to Monday 2 December 2013. All information will be available on Cornwall Council's website from 21 October at: You can also come and talk to us and view the proposals at Bodmin Town Council's Shire Hall Suite on:

Friday 25 October - 10am - 4pm
Saturday 26 October - 10am - 4pm
This is your opportunity to tell us what you think about some revised proposals and to help us to make some key decisions for the future of your town.

Adobe PDF   Consultation flyer (PDF)

Wednesday 09 October 2013
High hopes for Bodmin VIC at Cornwall Tourism Awards

Wendy Wright's team at Bodmin's visitor information centre at Shire Hall are in the running for more success at the Cornwall Tourism Awards black tie dinner compered by Radio Cornwall's Daphne Skinnard at the Headland Hotel, Newquay, on 7 November.

If Bodmin wins the award for 5th year in a row, the centre run by Bodmin Town Council will be fast tracked to the South West Awards which it won earlier this year and in 2012. In 2012 Bodmin came second in the national VisitEngland competition for the best tourist information service.

Following government changes to council tax late last year 2013 the town council had to reduce its spending. This had a big impact on the tourist information staff in Shire Hall who like many of their colleagues faced the threat of redundancy and had to be re-interviewed to retain their jobs. Wendy Wright's team also took on extra work when the council's front desk reception was moved from Shire House as part of the cost-cutting measures.

Town clerk, Paul O'Callaghan said: "This is brilliant news! After the budgetary and staffing ups and downs that we have been through this year this is an outstanding achievement."

The judging took account of web searches, emails, telephone calls and visits, plus any available additional evidence. More than ever before, judges were looking for an on-line presence that inspired and informed visitors, with good management of online reputations and active use of facebook and twitter. The panel was looking for all elements of the business to be excellent, with some of them outstanding.

Town Councillor Phil Kerridge said: "To be amongst the winners, given the level of competition, is very significant. This along with the recent success in South West in Bloom once again demonstrates the high quality of staff employed by the town council."

Tuesday 1 October 2013
2013 Bodmin in Bloom Front Garden Competition Results

The annual Bodmin in Bloom awards celebrated the best of Bodmin’s gardeners, with the number and quality of entries as good as any previous year.

Mike Armstrong, Chairman of the Bodmin in Bloom Committee, praised all the competitors gathered in the Shire House Suite for their efforts in what had been another challenging season, although was pleased to see that the weather had improved from the monsoon conditions of last year.

Mike commented ‘the judging panel thought that the standard this year had been particularly high, making judging difficult. There had been some outstanding floral displays, with gardens of all sizes bursting with colour’.

Bodmin Mayor, Councillor Ken Stubbs, echoed these comments and said that he ‘was pleased to see so many entries in what was a very late start to this year’s growing season. They should all be congratulated and feel a great sense of satisfaction at their horticultural achievements which made Bodmin a brighter place to live and visit’.

The Mayor praised the dedication and hard work of the Bodmin in Bloom Committee led by Mike Armstrong and Mike Seaman and the team of judges that give so kindly and unstintingly of their time and effort. Prize Winners in the various categories were as follows:

Public Houses – First Prize – The Borough Arms; Second Prize – The Garland Ox; Third Prize – The Weavers. Care Homes – First Prize – Pendrea House: Second Prize – Athelstan House; Third Prize – The White House; Special Award for Effort and Enthusiasm by Residents – Berryfields House. Domestic Front Gardens – First Prize – Mrs A Hoskin; Second Prize – Mr D Dennis; Third Prize – Mrs E Hicks; Highly Commended – Mr R Cox; Mr A Jennings; Ms L Newton and Mrs S Smith.

Pamela Hayne receives an award

Pictured above: Pamela Hayne receives an award on behalf of the residents of Berryfields House

Mr Dennis receives his 2nd Prize

Pictured above: Mr Dennis receives his 2nd Prize for 2013 Front Garden Competition

Bodmin in Bloom is an initiative aimed at BRIGHTENING BODMIN.

Monday 02 September 2013
6th Consecutive year Green Flag Award for Bodmin Beacon

Green Flag 2013
Green Flag 2013
From left to right: James Clapp from Cormac Solutions, Coralie Barrow from Cornwall Council and Mark Hawken from Bodmin Town Council
Bodmin Beacon Local Nature Reserve Advisory Group has welcomed the sixth consecutive Green Flag award for its outstanding green space. It is among a record-breaking 1,448 parks and green spaces that include, Kensington Gardens, Regents Park and the Ashton Court Estate in Bristol that received the prestigious Green Flag Award this year.

Bodmin Beacon Local Nature Reserve is 87 acres of traditionally managed wild flower meadows and community woodland in the heart of Bodmin. The reserve is jointly owned and managed by Cornwall Council and Bodmin Town Council.

The national award, handed out by environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy, recognises and rewards the best parks and green spaces across the country. The award is a sign to visitors that the space boasts the highest possible standards, is beautifully maintained and has excellent facilities.

To be awarded a Green Flag Award the site management plan is submitted for a desk top assessment, which is followed by a visit from a Green Flag judge who meets the owners, managers and site users and volunteers on a site walk where they judge the adoption of the management plan and the quality of the open space against eight strict criteria.

The Chair of the Advisory Group, David Ferris says: “The Advisory Group meets many of the people who use the Beacon and where we can, we use the information gained to enhance the management plan. The recent survey is such an instance where information gained will influence the plan. As a group we welcome peoples’ ideas and thoughts about the Beacon and its use.”

The 2013 Judges visit report noted; “Good works have been done to make the site presentable including a superb leaflet and seating and also noteworthy are the bookmarks created by St Marys Catholic Primary School and the Beacon Infant and Nursery School – well done.

“The diversity of the flora and fauna is a major feature to the landscape and the wild flower meadow areas are a real feature of the site.”

Cornwall Councillor Ann Kerridge said; “I am particularly pleased that the assessors praised the bookmarks produced by Bodmin primary school children. Bodmin Beacon is a major part of theses children's heritage and I hope they come to know and love it.”

Councillor Lance Kennedy, Chairman of Bodmin Town Council’s Properties Committee, said: “In congratulating all involved it is important to explain that on the other side of the town the Meadow is responding to the ongoing work programme to produce another outstanding green space. The Town Council continues to discuss with those involved in any future developments how we can increase the managed green spaces to ensure the growth of areas for future residents to enjoy as a priority.”

The Judges comments and observations will be fed into the new emerging management plan for the site. The Bodmin Beacon Management Advisory group who guide the management of the site are also looking for ideas and comments from the site users and non users,

If you would like to complete the online questionnaire about the management of Bodmin Beacon LNR visit or request a paper copy by calling Cornwall Council on 03001234 202. If you would like to vote for Bodmin Beacon to be your favourite Green Flag Park please visit and register your vote for the annual People's Choice Award. The vote will close at midday on 1 October and the winner of the 2013 People’s Choice will be announced on 9 October at a ceremony in London.

Friday 26 July 2013
Maintenance to Memorial Clock

The Town Council in conjunction with the Cumbria Clock Company are in the process of overhauling the internal workings of the St Lawrence’s Memorial Clock mechanism.

The work will involve the removal of the clock movement, the cleaning of all parts and the undertaking of any necessary repairs.

This will leave the clock in good working order for the centenary commemoration of the outbreak of World War I in 2014.

Monday 08 July 2013
Public Rooms - applications for business plans

The Town Council is conscious that there has been a lot of media interest in the Council’s decision to close the Public Rooms which has seen an emergence of various community groups all championing to save the building and to retain it for future community use.

Town Councillors are cognisant that there could well be more community interest and groups coming forward in time. The Council also recognises that groups will need some time and latitude to prepare business plans as well as putting in place any constitutional arrangements in order that they can then ‘bid’ for the property with any other interested groups.

The Council agreed at its Adjourned Council meeting on 23 May 2013 that the deadline for applications from the community to submit their business case / plans is by no later than 9.00 a.m. on Tuesday 31 December 2013 which will enable the Council to consider applications in line with its own budget setting process for the 2014/15 financial year.

To register your interest in bidding for this asset, or for further information, please contact Stephen Facer, Acting Town Clerk on 01208 76616 or e-mail

Alternatively you can e-mail generic queries in connection with the disposal of the Public Rooms to

Monday 24 June 2013
Accounts Approved Subject To Audit

Now available for viewing are the Council's Accounts Approved subject to Audit.

The Council's audit was conducted under the provisions of the Audit Commission Act 1998, the Accounts and Audit Regulations (England) 2011 and the Audit Commission’s Code of Audit Practice.

The audit was carried out by Grant Thornton UK LPP, Hartwell House, 55-61 Victoria Street, Bristol, BS1 6FT. Tel 0117 305 7600.

Adobe PDF   Bodmin Town Council - Accounts Approved Subject To Audit

Monday 24 June 2013
Bodmin in Bloom Front Garden Competition 2013

If you keep a luscious lawn; display heavenly hydrangeas; or you are very protective over your petunias then this message is definitely for you.

The Bodmin in Bloom Committee are seeking entries for this year’s Front Garden Competition. All you have to do is complete a very simple entry form and return it to the Council Reception Desk at the Shire Hall, Mount Folly, Bodmin, PL31 2DQ by no later than 19th July with judging scheduled for the end of the month.

Entry forms are available from the Shire Hall or can be downloaded below.

So why not get involved and prepare for a feast of flowers and help to Brighten Bodmin?

Adobe PDF   Competition Entry Form

Monday 10 June 2013
Notice of appointment of date for the exercise of elector's rights

Audit Commission Act 1998, Sections 15 and 16 and The Accounts and Audit (England) Regulations 2011 (SI 2011/817)

Each year the Council’s/Meeting’s annual return is audited by an auditor appointed by the Audit Commission. Any person interested has the opportunity to inspect the accounts and make copies of the annual return and all books, deeds, contracts, bills, vouchers and receipts etc relating to the accounting statements.

For the year ended 31 March 2013 these documents will be made available between the following dates;

24 June – 19 July 2013, Monday to Friday: between the hours of 10.00am and 2.00pm at Shire Hall, Mount Folly Square, Bodmin, Cornwall, PL31 2DQ.

Local electors and their representatives have rights to;

  • Question the auditor about the accounts; and
  • Object to the accounts or any item in them.

Written notice of an objection must first be given to the auditor and a copy sent to the Council. The auditor can be contacted at the address below for this purpose on 22 July 2013 and until the audit has been completed.

The Council's audit is being conducted under the provisions of the Audit Commission Act 1998, the Accounts and Audit Regulations (England) 2011 and the Audit Commission’s Code of Audit Practice.

The audit is being carried out by: Grant Thornton UK LPP, Hartwell House, 55-61 Victoria Street, Bristol, BS1 6FT. Tel 0117 305 7600 This announcement is made by: Anne Banks FMAAT MIAB


Date of Announcement – 10 June 2013

Friday 07 June 2013
Priory Car Park - reducing the cost of annual permits

At the Adjourned Council meeting held on 23 May 2013, Bodmin Town Council agreed to allow Annual Priory Car Park Permits to be paid by Standing Order.

This decision allows users of Priory Car Park to benefit by agreeing to purchase an annual permit but spread the cost over a whole year via monthly instalments at the reduced annual permit rate. This would mean monthly instalments for an annual permit would cost £16.67.

If you wish to take advantage of this method, please contact Anne Banks on 01208 76616 to arrange.

Thursday 06 June 2013
Planting for a brighter Bodmin

Brightening up Bodmin
Planting event at Kew Klavji
Residents from Kew Klavji
Young people from a local housing estate in Bodmin have been busy planting in an effort to encourage the Town's success in this year's South West in Bloom competition.

The initiative originated from Town council staff member Selina Jay, who lives at Kew Klavji on Rhind Street. The idea was to include local residents and young people from the estate in something that would be seen by passers-by on Rhind Street, something they could be proud of." said Miss Jay.

"I contacted Devon and Cornwall Housing to see if they were able to support me and other residents with enhancing the area with railing planters for the barriers which run along the entrance to the estate.

"We worked in partnership with Mai Evans, the housing association's community development officer, to plan a planting event during the May half-term to encourage the youngsters on the estate to participate, along with their families, and to brighten up and take ownership of the area."

With some help from Bodmin Town Council's own horticulturist Orlando Schuloer and his apprentice Yasmin Chappell, Residents from Kew Klavji will now manage the newly planted area.

If you have any cost effective ideas of how to enhance the Town with floral displays please contact: Bodmin in Bloom Committee via Bodmin Town Council or if you would like to become a Committee Member and help make Bodmin 'Blooming Marvellous', please contact the Council on 01208 76616  

Friday 24 May 2013
Councillor Vacancy for St Marys Ward


After nominations to the Parish Council election for Bodmin Town Council 1 vacancy exists.

Applications are invited from residents, or others appropriately qualified, in Bodmin for the voluntary position of Councillor to Bodmin Town Council.

Please apply in writing by no later than 12:00 noon on Friday 14 June 2013 setting out in detail your reasons, knowledge and ability for seeking to fill the vacancy.

Applications will be received and the appointments made at the Special Council Meeting on Thursday 20 June 2013.

Please address your application to: The Town Clerk Bodmin Town Council Shire House Mount Folly Square BODMIN PL31 2DQ.

This website contains further information about the Town Council's services and calendar of meetings .

Friday 17 May 2013
Bodmin Mayor is re-elected

Mayor Ken Stubbs
Bodmin Mayor - Ken Stubbs
At the annual Mayor Choosing ceremony which took place on 16 May 2013, Councillor Ken Stubbs was re-elected to serve as Mayor for the ensuing year.

The ceremony was held in the St. Petroc’s Parish Church and was a breathtaking venue which more than complemented the occasion.

Councillor Andy Coppin was re-elected to serve as Deputy Mayor, a role which he had carried out amiably during the preceding year.

The Council following elections on 2 May comprises the following Councillors. The town is now split into three Wards which aligns with the Cornwall Council Ward boundaries.

The Council is very pleased to welcome Councillor Jacquie Gammon, Councillor John Gibbs, Councillor Ann Kerridge (also re-elected to Cornwall Council – St. Mary’s Ward), Councillor Peter Skea and Councillor Shaun Stephens who will each be serving their first term of office with Bodmin Town Council.

Below: Proceedings during the Mayor Choosing event at St Petroc's Church.

The Mayor Choosing event at St Petroc's Church

Bodmin Town Council membership, by Ward, is as follows:

Councillors 2013

St Leonard's St Mary's * St Petroc's
Margaret Denholm Andrew John Coppin John Ronald Gibbs
Jacquie Gammon Ann Mary Kerridge Sarah Joan Horne
John Henry Hartill Philip Kerridge Lance Godfrey John Kennedy
Jacob Marwood Lyne Shaun Robert Stephens Peter Lloyd Goar Skea
Harold George Vanderwolfe Kenneth Wilfred Stubbs Ralph Solomons

* There is currently one Councillor vacancy for St Mary's Ward.

Friday 26 April 2013
30 minute free parking for Local Council Elections

On Thursday 2 May 2013 Bodmin Town Council has agreed to provide a 30 minute free parking concession in its Priory Car Park to assist people turning out to vote for candidates standing for election for both the Town Council and Cornwall Council seats.

Pay and Display is still in operation on the day and will be enforced for anyone parking for longer than 30 minutes between the normal operational hours of between 9.00am and 4.00pm.

Councillor P Kerridge, Chairman of the Council’s Promotions Committee said, ‘the Town Council is pleased to assist in this way and hopes that this incentive will get more people out to vote for both the Cornwall Council and Town Council elections.’

Wednesday 17 April 2013
Local Council Elections

Full Elections of Councillors to Parish/Town Councils and Cornwall Council will take place on Thursday 2 May 2013.

Due to the recent boundary changes, Bodmin is now divided into three wards – St Mary’s, St Leonards and St Petroc’s.

At this present time, St Leonards Ward has enough candidates standing for the available positions. St Mary's Ward requires an additional candidate to fill one available position. St Petroc’s Ward is the only ward that will require an Election as there are seven candidates standing and only five Member positions available.

For the most up to date information relating to the three wards and the candidates for both Bodmin Town Council and Cornwall Council we invite you to check the Cornwall Council website at .

Tuesday 26 March 2013
Easter rubbish and recycling collections

Refuse and recycling and garden waste collections will continue as usual over the Easter period.

Residents whose collections are due on either Good Friday or Easter Monday should put their rubbish, recycling or garden waste out for collection as normal.

Cornwall's household waste and recycling centres will also be open as normal all over Easter.

Wednesday 06 March 2013
St Pirans Day more popular than ever

Fine weather met with a great turnout for Bodmin's celebrations of St Piran's Day on Tuesday 05 March 2013.

The traditional parade which was accompanied by the sound of drum and Cornish piper was a great success and the children taking part in the procession really enjoyed themselves on their Patron Saints Day.

The Chairman of the Bodmin Town Council's Promotions Committee, Councillor Phil Kerridge, conveyed his thanks to all who helped to make St. Piran’s Day a great success.
Stephen Facer, Deputy Chief Executive of Bodmin Town Council said after the event; "This year, we saw more people lining the street to witness the parade compared to previous years and events of this nature are not possible without the back-office support and behind the scenes work that goes into facilitating this type of event."

Special thanks are extended to the Lions Club of Bodmin for their event support and stewarding.

Below - procession along Fore Street
St Pirans Day 2013

Tuesday 26 February 2013
St Pirans - Children's painting competition

A public exhibition to display children's paintings in connection with St Piran is being held in the Shire Hall between 26 February 2013 to 15 March 2013.

This exhibition showcases junior and infant school artwork as part of a children’s painting competition which this year takes the theme of ‘The International Celtic Congress’ which Bodmin is proud to host from 1 to 5 April 2013.

This painting competition has been organised by the Bodmin Joint St. Piran Committee as a further way to get local children thinking about their Patron Saint and as a way to engender cultural distinctiveness and identity / belonging to this great County, in which they live, learn and play.

Adobe PDF   Competition Poster

Below - Paintings now on display at the Shire Hall
Paintings on display

Wednesday 20 February 2013
Cornwall Together - Reducing The Cost Of Living

Cornwall Together
Cornwall Together
Promoting a better energy deal
Cornwall Together aims to reduce the cost of living by bringing people from all walks of life together to negotiate a better deal for everyone.

Energy bills have risen by over £700 on average since 2004 – that’s an increase of 140%. In 2013 we face a 50/50 chance of black outs. Recent price rises are likely to push an additional 300,000 people into fuel poverty. That could mean another 65 people a day will die because they can’t afford to heat their homes.

That’s why we started by bulk buying electricity, gas and heating oil. We helped 10,000 people to join together in the first round with average savings of £133 for those that decided to switch their energy supplier. Over £150,000 went back into the pockets of Cornish households. But it’s not just about joining forces to save money, we’re working with the NHS, Cornwall Council and other public, private and third sector partners to alleviate fuel poverty and improve public health. Ultimately, we want to support people to work together to achieve something that they might not manage to do on their own.

Round 2 - How it works

On 8th February this year, energy suppliers bid against each other to provide the cheapest energy prices for our members across the following payment categories: Direct Debit, Payment on Receipt of Bill and Prepayment.

Between 18th February and midnight on 17th March, people will be able to register for Cornwall Together at or by Freephone on: 0800 772 0925. They’ll need to have a recent energy bill to hand if they have one.

Once they’ve registered they’ll be given a quote that tells them the possible saving they would get if they switched to the winning company in their category, alongside a best-of-market quote so they can make an informed decision.

They can switch immediately or they can wait and switch later (so long as it’s before the 17th March)*. Either way, the final price will depend on the final amount of people who switch. The more people that switch, the more everyone will save and Cornwall is now buying alongside Scotland, Exeter, Birmingham and Solihull via UK Together (

The campaign

We want to reach the whole of Cornwall, so there’s an announcement in the leaflet that accompanies the council tax bill, a leaflet drop to all Cornish households, advertising in the press, radio and outdoor plus a series of community drop-in sessions and town-centre road-shows. We’ll be using Facebook, Twitter and local networks to promote the campaign.

*It’s slightly different for heating oil – you have to make a decision on whether to switch as soon as you have the quote.

Adobe PDF   Cornwall Together leaflet

Adobe PDF   Cornwall Together Postcard

Thursday 14 Febraury 2013
Closure of the Public Rooms

The decision to close this property has been taken as a consequence of the reforms to the Council Tax Base which has cut around 14.5% from the Town Council’s budget. These budget cuts have been imposed by central government as it looks to devolve the way in which council tax benefits are calculated and subsidised. This together with the fact that the Public Rooms are in need of significant refurbishment to bring the facilities in line with modern user expectations has resulted in the Council needing to make some very difficult decisions about its services and properties.

Whilst the Public Rooms offers a large space at low hire cost, it is in need of roof repairs in excess of £117,000, a bill that simply cannot be serviced by the current room hire income and the use that the building receives.

The Council has a number of other listed buildings in its property portfolio and the decision has therefore been taken to market the Public Rooms with a view to dispose of the building in the near future.

Therefore the following decisions have been made with regards to the closure of the Public Rooms;

  • Only new bookings up to and including the 31 March will be taken
  • The Public Rooms will continue to be used for existing bookings to 30 April 2013. Hopefully, this will help support customers whilst they explore alternative accommodation / venues such as local schools, church halls, scouts, community centres and sporting community groups.
  • From 1 May 2013 the door to the Public Rooms will be closed to business.
  • Existing bookings up to 30 June 2013 will be reallocated within the Council’s other venue hire premises with the hirers consent (wherever possible). The quoted Public Rooms price for this period will be honoured for any reallocated hirings.
  • Following 30 June 2013 alternative venues will be offered where appropriate but at the current rates for the use of that venue. Should customers wish to take up the use of alternative venues a new booking form will need to be completed.

The Council would like to take this opportunity to thank all hirers for their custom over the years and wishes all groups and organisations that have used the premises all the best in securing alternative venue(s).

Should you have any questions or would like any further information about your particular booking then please contact the Facilities Administrator Jemma Andrews on 01208 76616.

Thursday 14 February 2013
Bodmin VIC celebrates another gold award

Bodmin VIC Gold Award
South West Tourism Gold Award
South West Tourism Awards
Bodmin Visitor Information Centre were celebrating this week after adding yet another award to their repertoire.

This time it was the regional South West Tourism for Excellence Awards and in competition for the title of best Tourist Information service, alongside Bodmin, were Falmouth, Woolacombe, Lyme Regis and Gloucester Tourist Information Centre.

The Eden Project provided the venue for this year’s glittering event with Lloyd Griffith, Comedian, hosting and Radio Cornwall’s Daphne Skinnard making the announcements.

The staff from Bodmin were left completely speechless when it was announced that the Bodmin office was to be awarded a joint Gold award alongside the team at Gloucester with Woolacombe taking the Silver and Falmouth and Lyme Regis sharing the bronze prize.

Talking about the Bodmin office the judges said that “The team goes above and beyond expectation in devising new ways to meet the needs of visitors. It is a fantastic service which encourages repeat visits to the TIC and the local area”

Councillor Phil Kerridge, Chairman of the Promotions Committee commented on the Shire Hall’s news. "Once again our staff in Shire Hall have beaten the strongest opposition in the South West from much bigger towns. Once again it's because they've proved they always go the extra mile for their customers. It would be great for the town if they can go one better and win the national award later in the year."

Bodmin’s latest award is in addition to their recent win at the Cornwall Tourism Awards where they were named as the best tourist information centre in the county.

For more details contact Wendy Wright, Tourism Officer 01208 76616

Friday 18 January 2013
Two New Councillor Members Co-Opted

At the Full Council Meeting yesterday evening (Thursday 17 January) the following Councillors were co-opted to fill the vacancies on the Town Council.

Councillor Sarah J Horne was co-opted to fill the vacancy on St Petroc’s Ward

Councillor Rob Taylor will represent St Mary’s Ward.

Monday 7 January 2013
Bodmin Wassail warmly welcomed

Bodmin Wassailers
Annual visit of Bodmin Wassailers
Annual visit to Shire House
The Bodmin Wassailer’s once again made their annual visit to to Shire House on Saturday 5 January 2013 en route to various parts of the town of Bodmin.

At 12 noon Town Clerk Paul O'Callaghan, Bodmin Mayor Councillor Ken Stubbs, Deputy Mayor Councillor A Coppin and other Bodmin Town Councillors warmly welcomed the Wassailers who come dressed in top hats, dickie bows, waistcoats and tails.

The Bodmin Wassail is one of only two surviving traditional visiting wassails which are very different from apple tree wassails. It is unique in that records confirm it has survived continuously since 1640. The male only group visit houses in Bodmin singing two songs – one when seeking entry and another upon leaving – in return for hospitality and donations to local charities.

Bodmin’s Town Clerk, Paul O’Callaghan said “Once again, the Town Council is delighted to contribute to the tradition of wassail. I shall be following in the footsteps of my predeccessor Nicholas Sprey when I fill the wassail bowl with Bodmin’s finest ale as it begins its twelve hour journey across our town.”

Thursday 20 December 2012
Christmas Message from the Mayor

Christmas Greetings
Christmas Greetings from the Mayor
Bodmin Mayor, K W Stubbs
We come to the end of another year which as a Town we have had our highs and lows, but the coming year is going to be even more difficult not only for the Town Council but also for us all as individuals.

In these austere financial times, the Council is going to have to make difficult decisions in order to provide the best value for money for the residents of Bodmin.

On the brighter side we have had many highlights in the Town during this year. The ones that spring to mind are the Olympic Torch Relay, Armed Forces Day, Street parties for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the opening of the rebuilt Narisa Hall by Princess Narisa.

One thing that has impressed me most since being inaugurated as Mayor is the large number of charities, support groups and service organisations in the Town that devote their time and fund raising activities for people less fortunate than themselves.

Without these organisations many of these people would be left by the wayside especially at this time of year. These organisations deserve all the help they can get and must be congratulated on the excellent work they do.

I have had the pleasure of attending several Carol Services where primary school children took part. Their behaviour and enthusiasm impressed me immensely and left me with a very positive feeling about the youth of today.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Peaceful New Year.

Bodmin Mayor, Councillor Ken Stubbs.

Tuesday 11 December 2012
Crying Out Loud

Bodmin Town Crier, Nick Prideaux
Bodmin Town Crier, Nick Prideaux
Bodmin, together with many town’s in the country, has a Town Crier who accompanies the Mayor at Civic Events. In 1976 Nick Prideaux, an outside worker with Bodmin Town Council, was asked to stand in as Town Crier at a Judges Church Service.

Following the resignation as a result of ill health by the current Town Crier, Nick was pursuaded to continue in the role.

A Town Crier or Bellman, is an officer of the Court, who in Medieval England, was the chief means of making public pronouncements to the people of the town since many could not read or write. Royal proclamations, local byelaws, market days and adverts were all proclaimed by a Town Crier throughout the centuries.

By tradition, dating back to the 18th century, a Town Crier dresses elaborately in a coloured robe, breeches, black boots and a tricorne hat. They carry a hand bell to attract people’s attention shouting “Oyez Oyez” before making an announcement.

Nick continued to learn ‘on the job’ and then some 12 years later he was invited to join the Guild of Town Criers, which involved entering competitions. In 1988 the Bodmin Lions held a competition, at which Nick won first prize. Since that time Nick has won many competitions all over the South West and is still going strong.

Thirty six years later at the age of eighty Nick is still crying out loud. His most recent accomplishment was at Tiverton, when on 2 October 2012 he was awarded the Second prize.

Wednesday 5 December 2012
Consultation on the Draft Bodmin Conservation Area Character Appraisal and Management Plan

Exhibition being held in Bodmin Library One Stop Shop, Lower Bore Street, Bodmin Monday 10th December 1pm-5pm • Local community invited to comment.

The purpose of the Conservation Area Appraisal is to clearly define the special interest, character and appearance of the Conservation Area, and to suggest any possible amendments to its boundary.

The appraisal will inform Development Management decisions and policies and act as a foundation for further work on design guidance and enhancement schemes. The appraisal will look at the historic and topographical development of the settlement, analyse its present character, identify problems and pressures and make recommendations for its future management.

Detailed advice on the future management of the Conservation Area is set out in the Bodmin Conservation Area Management Plan, which forms part of the appraisal.

Copies of the draft Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan including suggested Conservation Area boundary changes will be available at Bodmin Library One Stop Shop. It will also be available on the Council’s website from the 10th December 2012, comments from the public are sought by 1st February 2013.

Tuesday 4 December 2012
Good turnout for Bodmin Christmas Event

Light rain and drizzle didn't dampen Christmas spirits in Bodmin as Mount Folly was packed for the annual switch on of the Christmas tree lights on Friday 30 November.

Before the switch on at 7 pm the event was overseen by PIRATE FM's James Dundon. There were long queues to visit Santa's grotto which continued until nearly 9 pm long after all the other events had finished.

The fun also include a light show, a puppet show and carol singing accompanied by the town band.

Responsibility for the big switch on was shared by the comedian Kernow King, mayor Ken Stubbs and Christmas lights campaigner Hayley Lang.

Bodmin's mayor Ken Stubbs said; "It was a fantastic evening on Friday and the Santa Grotto was a great success as usual. I would also like to extend my sincere thanks to the Bodmin Town Council staff and others for their efficient and friendly commitment. Another job well done."

Below: Festive fun on the Folly and an elf helper on the night...

Festive Fun on the Folly

Elf helper

Tuesday 4 December 2012
Christmas Recycling and Rubbish Collections 2012

The following details are Cornwall Council's waste disposal arrangements for Christmas 2012:

This is the first year that everyone in Cornwall will have the same collection service. The Christmas and New Year arrangements will be new to a lot of people, but it means that we will be back to normal by 3 January 2013.

Rubbish and clinical waste collections will be suspended on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Residents will receive a full collection the following week on 1 and 2 January 2013.

Recycling will not take place on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. This will all be collected on Saturday 29 December.

Garden waste will not take place on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. This will also be collected on Saturday 29 December.

This information is summarised in the following PDF document:

Adobe PDF   Cornwall Council waste disposal arrangements - Christmas 2012.

Recycling at Christmas

Christmas cards and envelopes: In the kerbside recycling collection they should be placed in the cardboard sack. White envelopes should go into paper sack, coloured or brown envelopes should go with the cardboard.

Wrapping paper:  Most Christmas wrapping paper can be recycled, although we cannot accept paper coated with foil or plastic. All non shiny paper can go in the paper sack.

Cardboard: Cardboard boxes should be flattened and put into the cardboard recycling bag. Big pieces of cardboard or large amounts can be flattened and bundled together and put out next to the recycling, or taken to the Household Waste Recycling Centre.

Chocolate and biscuit tins:  You can put empty metal chocolate and biscuit tins into the sack for plastic bottles and cans.

Additional recycling: Excess amounts of recycling can be put it into carrier bags and put out with your recycling. Please be extra carful with glass and put it in a rigid or sturdy box.

Household Waste Recycling Centres: The HWRC sites will be closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day. The normal site opening times are 9am to 4pm.

Wednesday 28 November 2012
Councillor Vacancies for St Marys and St Petrocs Wards



Applications are invited from residents, or others appropriately qualified, in Bodmin for the voluntary position of Councillor to Bodmin Town Council.

Please apply in writing by no later than 12:00 noon on Monday 7 January 2013 setting out in detail your reasons, knowledge and ability for seeking to fill the vacancy.

Applications will be received and the appointments made at the Council Meeting on Thursday 17 January 2013.

Please address your application to: The Town Clerk Bodmin Town Council Shire House Mount Folly Square BODMIN PL31 2DQ

This website contains further information about the Town Council's services and calendar of meetings .

Tuesday 13 November 2012
Shire Hall Strikes Gold - Again!

VIC Winners at Awards
Bodmin VIC Team at Awards
Bodmin Town Council's golden girls in the Visitor Information Centre (VIC) have once again beaten all the opposition in the Cornwall Tourism Awards at the Headland Hotel, Newquay on Thursday 8 November.

Wendy Wright who manages the centre said: "We were expecting stiff competition this year because the other shortlisted TICs Falmouth and Bude are both excellent and given that we have already won the Gold for the three previous years, we really didn’t expect to get it again. So we were really pleased with the result."

To be named a winner in the Cornwall Tourism Awards, the staff from the VIC were subjected to rigorous mystery shopping including an email, telephone call and personal visit. In addition, the staff had to complete an application which asked questions about all aspects of the running of the office. The judges of the awards were very complimentary about the Shire Hall centre stating that Bodmin is “A very impressive TIC with great customer focus”.

This latest win adds to the team’s recent run of successes. In February of this year, the office was named as the best tourist information in the South West and a couple of months later, it was named as one of the best offices in the whole of England, second only to the city of Manchester, in the Visit England for Excellence Awards.

Phil Kerridge, who chairs the town’s promotions committee said; "This is absolutely fantastic news and a great tribute to Wendy and the team in Shire Hall. And remember the VIC isn't just for tourists. If you're looking for what’s on in Bodmin, details of clubs in the area, coach bookings or Christmas gifts ideas, it's well worth popping in and having a look”.

With their latest win under the belt, the team will now be considered for an award in the South West Tourism Excellence Awards which takes place in February and ultimately could go on to the national competition for the second year running.

Monday 29 October 2012
2012 Bodmin in Bloom Front Garden Competition Results

The annual Bodmin in Bloom awards celebrated the best of Bodmin’s gardeners, despite them having had to battle against the wettest summer for over 100 years.

Mike Armstrong, Chairman of the Bodmin in Bloom Committee, praised all the competitors gathered in the Shire Suite for their efforts in what had been a challenging season.

Mike commented ‘the judging panel thought that the standard this year had been particularly high, making judging difficult. There had been some outstanding floral displays, with gardens of all sizes bursting with colour’.

Bodmin Mayor, Councillor Ken Stubbs, echoed these comments and said that he ‘was amazed that anyone has managed to brave the monsoon conditions and grow any sort of floral display. They should all be congratulated and feel a great sense of satisfaction at their horticultural achievements which made Bodmin a brighter place to live and visit’.

The Mayor praised the dedication and hard work of the Bodmin in Bloom Committee led by Mike and Ann Armstrong and the team of judges that give so kindly and unstintingly of their time and effort.

Prize Winners in the various categories were as follows:

Public Houses – First Prize – The Weavers; Second Prize – The White Hart; Third Prize - The Garland Ox.

First Prize Award - Public Houses

Pictured above: Carol Medlen of the Weavers receives her award from the Mayor

Care Homes – First Prize – Berryfields House; Second Prize – Pendrea House; Third Prize – Castle Hill House.

First Prize Award - Care Homes

Pictured above: Pamela Hayne receives an award on behalf of the residents of Berryfields House

Domestic Front Gardens – First Prize – Mr and Mrs R Cox; Second Prize – Mrs E Hicks; Third Prize – Mr and Mrs D Dennis; Highly Commended for small garden – Mr D Greenaway; Highly Commended – Mr A Jennings.

First Prize Award - Best Front GArden

Pictured above: Mr Cox receives the cup for best front garden

Bodmin in Bloom is an initiative aimed at BRIGHTENING BODMIN.

Thursday 25 October 2012
Priory Park - Multi-play facility open for use

The colourful new unit
New play equipment for Priory Park
now open for use in Priory Park
A new multi-play facility has been installed in the Priory Park play area and is now open for public use.

Aimed at children from age six upward, the colourful new unit replaces the previous wooden facility and as a bespoke design, will add a fresh dimension to multi-play in the park.

Thursday 25 October 2012
Notices of vacancy in office of Town Councillor

Tuesday 23 October 2012
Beacon Advisory Group Opportunity

Are you a Beacon regular? Do you enjoy exploring the woodland, lanes and meadows? If so, perhaps you would like to play a part in guiding management of the Nature Reserve?

The Bodmin Beacon Advisory Group are looking for enthusiastic, committed people who have an interest in their environment and would be willing to help manage the Reserve both for wildlife and the wider community.

The advisory committee provides guidance to Cornwall Council and Bodmin Town Council on the management and development of the Reserve. This is a wide ranging remit and embraces topics as diverse as education, access, conservation and land management.

Applications are sought for 2 positions on the Bodmin Beacon Advisory Group. You may be a regular user of the Reserve or live locally and have other relevant interests including natural or local history, less able access or outdoor education.

Meetings of the Advisory Group are generally held every three months either on site or in Bodmin and the role is voluntary.

The next Beacon Management Advisory Group meeting will be on 10 December at 6.30pm. We would love to hear from you so please submit your application of interest by writing to: Coralie Barrow (Countryside Officer) Cornwall Council Environment Windwhistle House , Cooksland Road Bodmin, PL31 2RH For Further details please contact Coralie Barrow on 01208 262857 Email

The closing date for applications is 31 October 2012.

Friday 19 October 2012
New multi-play equipment almost ready...

Coming soon...
New multi-play unit for Priory Park
The new multi-play unit
A brand new multi-play unit for Priory Park's Play Area will soon be completed for the benefit of the town's youth.

It is hoped that the facility will be available for use from Tuesday 23 October 2012.

The new equipment, costing £17,000, replaces the old wooden unit that had been a feature of the Play Area for many years. Intended for children Primary School age and older, the new unit will also benefit from new safety surfacing.

It is hoped that the colourful facility will add a fresh dimension to multiplay as it is a unique bespoke design.

Speaking about the upgrade and about the recently installed new bow top fencing in the park, Mayor Councillor K W Stubbs said he was grateful to the Park's Department for the hard work done to improve the facilities in the Priory Park Play Area for the young people of Bodmin.

Wednesday 10 October 2012
Vandalism blights Youth Shelter

Councillor L G Kennedy with
Councillors reveal damaged rivets at Skate Park Shelter
Mayor, Councillor K W Stubbs
Bodmin Town Council has been, in the interest of public finance and safety, forced to remove the youth shelter adjacent to the Skate Park following systematic and systemic acts of vandalism.

Within a few months of its installation in April 2010 at a cost of £2,985.00 (ex VAT) the roof had to be removed and repainted due to offensive and obscene graffiti, the Perspex sides having suffered not only the same level of obscenities were damaged beyond repair due to fire. The seats and rear panels were also the subject of the same explicit language and graffiti but were able to be cleaned.

The latest damage has consisted of the shearing and removal of the seat securing bolts and rivets, damage that required considerable force of a sustained and determined attack.

As a result the seats have become dangerous and one has already had to be removed.

The Town Council cannot permit this sort of obscene graffiti to remain in the proximity of a junior school and young people genuinely using the Skate Park; neither can it permit commitment of public funds to continued and increasingly expensive repairs to the shelter.

Cllr Lance Kennedy, Chairman of the Town Council’s property Committee and Cornwall Council Division Member said, ‘the Council cannot continue to tolerate these ongoing, persistent and mindless acts of vandalism which is impacting upon the Council’s budget and ultimately the pockets of local residents via the Council tax. The vandals are carrying out these organised and systematic attacks with a combination of brute force and specialist tools to remove fixings which is putting the health and safety of children and young people legitimately using this facility at risk.’

Councillor Ken Stubbs, Mayor, said, ‘the persistent nature of these attacks has had a financial impact which simply cannot be tolerated and sustained. Given the health and safety risk resulting from the vandalism there was no other option but to remove this shelter.’

Tuesday 09 October 2012
Annual Return - Conclusion of Audit


Section 14 of the Audit Commission Act 1998
The Accounts and Audit (England) Regulations 2011 (SI 2011/817)

The audit of the accounting statements for Bodmin Town Council for the year ending 31 March 2012 has been concluded.

The accounting statements are available for inspection by any local government elector for the area of the Bodmin Town Council on this website or on application to: Mr Paul O’Callaghan, TOWN CLERK Bodmin Town Council, Shire House, Mount Folly Square, Bodmin, PL31 2DQ.

Copies will be provided to any local elector on payment of £1.00 for each copy of the annual return.


Wednesday 3 October 2012
MacMillan Coffee Morning a great success

In support of
MacMillan Cancer Care
On Friday 28th September, the Shire Hall played host to Macmillan Cancer Care as part of the organisation’s annual fundraising event – the World’s biggest coffee morning.

Over 100 local people including the Mayor and Mayoress, Councillor Ken Stubbs and Mrs Stubbs, attended the event raising over £200 in donations.

Commenting on the event, the Mayor said “It is wonderful to see so many people supporting this very worthwhile event”.

This is the third year that the coffee morning has been held in the Shire Hall bringing the total raised for Macmillan in the region of £600.

Tuesday 2 October 2012
Bodmin's Bloomin' Marvelous

Silver Award for Bodmin
South West in Bloom Silver Award 2012
South West in Bloom 2012
Bodmin has another award to add to recent glory after scooping silver in the South West in Bloom Sargent Cup for small towns.

South West in Bloom is organised by the Royal Horticultural Society whose judges are looking for much more than top notch gardening. Marks are also awarded for environmental responsibility and community participation.

Councillor Madrea Dominey and Deputy Chief Executive Stephen Facer travelled to the awards ceremony in Weston-super-Mare and were stunned to discover that Bodmin won silver. Stephen Facer said: “2012 was the first year we entered the competition and we were mainly looking for advice and feedback from the judges to improve the town in the future. Getting the silver award in a year which has been so difficult for horticulture was quite unexpected and a huge tribute to the Council’s Parks Team.

Judges were most impressed by the Beacon, Priory Park and the Priory Meadow project (wildflower area using seed harvested from the Beacon) and the Children’s Painting Competition run by Bodmin in Bloom. Bederkesa Court was also highly commended for their floral displays.

This follows the success of Wendy Wright and staff in the tourist information centre who won gold in Cornwall and the South West before coming second to Manchester in the national finals of the National Tourism Awards.

Councillor Madrea Dominey said: “This is bloomin' marvellous for Bodmin and the town council but the real point is to improve the town for residents and visitors. Once again we have shown what Bodmin can do. We have the second best tourist information centre in the country as well as putting on great events for the Olympic Torch and Armed Forces Day.”

Contact for more details or photo opportunity: Stephen Facer, Deputy Chief Executive, Bodmin Town Council 76616.

Tuesday 25 September 2012
Patching Works - Priory Car Park 2

Patching works to the car park closest to the Football Club are currently being conducted this week.

It is hoped that these works will be complete on Friday 28 September.

The patching is being undertaken in time for the annual fireworks display due to be held on Monday 5 November this year.

Bodmin Town Council apologises for any inconvenience.

Friday 17 August 2012
New Narisa Hall is officially opened

Princess Narisa Chakrabongse
Princess Narisa at the official opening of the new Narisa Hall
at the official opening
Bodmin Town Council was honoured to welcome Princess Narisa Chakrabongse and her husband to the official opening of Narisa Hall on Friday 10 August 2012.

The new building in Priory Park replaced the original Hall which was opened in 1957 by the one year old Princess. This building was sadly destroyed by fire on the night of 11 December 2009.

The Princess’ father, Prince Chula, who aside from running the famous White Mouse Racing Team and writing a number of excellent books, was the generous benefactor of the original Hall.

There were numerous uses for the original hall including a school nurse clinic and meeting room for community groups but in latter years was largely used as a practice room for Bodmin Town Band.

The Council is currently in discussions with the Band regarding a new lease for the facility and it is hoped to arrange an official handover in due course.

Throughout the rebuild process, the Council worked with its insurers, Zurich Municipal, loss adjusters, Cunningham Lindsay and local surveying firm RTP Surveyors. The main contractors were Cornish building firm Gloweth and the final landscaping and planting was carried out by the Council’s own Parks Team. During the event,

Princess Narisa unveiled a plaque and made a speech about her fond memories of her father and her family’s longstanding association with Bodmin. She was also taken on a tour of the new facility which included a display with information about her father and the original Narisa Hall.

Bodmin Town Museum also presented her with a book written by local historian, Peter Davies.

Mayor of Bodmin, Councillor Ken Stubbs said, “It was a very great pleasure to meet Princess Narisa and her husband. She thoroughly enjoyed the opening ceremony and meeting everyone present. I am sure she took away very fond memories of the time she spent with us all and Bodmin will always be close to her heart.”

Tuesday 31 July 2012
Bodmin Beacon is given 5th award for a quality green space

Celebrating the Green Flag award on the Beacon Local Nature Reserve
The Green Flag Award
Bodmin Beacon Local Nature Reserve has scooped the prestigious Green Flag Award for five consecutive years, confirming it is among the best in the country.

The Green Flag Award is the national standard for parks and green spaces in England and Wales, highlighting sites which are free to use and open to everyone.

To gain the award, parks and public spaces have to meet a range of criteria including providing a welcoming, healthy, safe and secure environment, as well as be clean and well maintained and involve the local community.

“The Green Flag Award is a quality mark of healthy and well loved parks and gardens,” said Councillor Steve Double, Cornwall Council portfolio holder for the Environment.

“When asked 'what is the Green Flag for?' I say it is a recognition for the management of Bodmin's Nature Reserve and what it offers users; an area where Bodmin's inhabitants to relax and enjoy themselves,” said David Ferris, Chair of Bodmin Beacon Management Advisory Group.

“As the Chair I am proud to be associated with the nature reserve and all it stands for and recognise that we need to continue care, management and development of our precious space.”

Cornwall Councillor Ann Kerridge said: “I am so proud to have an open space like the Beacon in Bodmin, I urge everyone in the town to get to know it better, there is something for everyone.”

Bodmin Town Councillor Phil Kerridge said, “For the naturalist the wildlife on the Beacon is totally special. For the general visitor if you've missed the stunning views across the moor and mid Cornwall then you've missed something of Cornwall that you really shouldn't.”

Last year the Beacon attracted more than 200 votes narrowly missing out on a place in the nationwide top ten even though it was by a large margin the best supported site in Cornwall.

Voting for the best Green Flag site takes place on the Keep Britain Tidy website

Please register your support on the ‘People’s Choice Award’ to recognise the Beacon as one of the best sites in the country. The Beacon is a fantastic habitat rich asset on YOUR doorstep, so vote today!

Pictured above (from left): Sites and Trails Officer John Cripps, Sites and Trails Ranger James Dutton, Cornwall Councillor Anne Kerridge, Bodmin Town Councillor, Phil Kerridge and Chair of Bodmin Beacon Management Advisory Group, David Ferris

Wednesday 25 July 2012
Vandals spoil fun for chilren under five

The under five's play equipment
The under five’s Aquatica multi-play unit in Priory Park is currently out of use due to mindless acts of vandalism.

Bodmin Town Council have sourced replacements parts for this unit at a cost of just over £200 which will, of course, be met by the tax payer.

As the weather improves and Bodmin receives a higher number of visitors due to the Summer Holidays, this could not have happened at a worse time for children wanting to use the park facilities.

Friday 20 July 2012
Rare orchid found on the Beacon

A rare sight...
Greater Butterfly Orchid
The Greater Butterfly Orchid
A beautiful orchid that has disappeared from half of its range in England during the 20th century has been recorded for the first time on Bodmin's Local Nature Reserve, the Beacon.

The Greater Butterfly Orchid (pictured right) has greenish white coloured flowers with a vanilla scent that gets stronger at night to attract moths which are their main pollinators.

Among the other notable and rare species to be found on the Beacon are Snipe, Climbing Corydalis and the Chimney Sweeper moth which is a tribute to the success of the conservation measures undertaken on the Beacon by Bodmin Town and Cornwall Council, who jointly manage the site.

Stephen Facer, Bodmin Town Council said, "Most people know that the walking and views from the beacon are simply stunning but for the serious naturalist there is a whole lot more to be discovered some of which is wholly unique to the Beacon."

Coralie Barrow, Cornwall Council said, “Many of Britain’s orchids are threatened and good land management practices are key to reversing this worrying trend. To discover we have Greater Butterfly orchids on the Beacon is really rewarding news and the management techniques will be evaluated to ensure the orchids are given every opportunity to spread.”

Special thanks to Ken Preston-Mafham for finding and identifying the Greater Butterfly Orchid at the Bodmin Beacon. Additional information on the Bodmin Beacon Local Nature Reserve can be viewed on the website.

Friday 29 June 2012
Bodmin Riding Weekend 2012

Saturday July 7 and Sunday July 8 mark two linked occasions on Bodmin's event calendar as the town looks forward to Bodmin Riding 2012.

Heritage Day on the Saturday will once again feature many of the well known traditional aspects of the event as the town celebrates its history and myth. There will also be a number of exhibitions and displays to view as well as some Cornish Wrestling which will be held in Priory Park, organised by the Cornish Wrestling Association, later in the afternoon.

Fore Street will be closed to traffic enabling visitors to browse freely among the shops and stalls.

Programmes for the Riding Weekend events have been printed and are being distributed throughout the town. You may also pick one up at the Bodmin Town Council offices on Mount Folly.

Adobe PDF You can view an itinerary of both Heritage Day and Riding Sunday here.

Bodmin Riding Day on the Sunday will include a procession in commemoration of St Petroc when the Saint's bones will be carried through the town before being taken into the remains of St Thomas's chapel, next to St Petroc's church.

Speaking of the event, John Hartll, Chairman of the Bodmin Riding Committee said: "Fingers crossed for some good weather over the weekend, so come along into the town and enjoy yourselves".

Tuesday 19 June 2012
Register now to be able to vote in forthcoming elections

Householders in Cornwall are urged to register now to vote in Police and Crime Commissioner elections and in local government elections next year 7 June 2012.

Cornwall Council officials are calling on local people to register now to make sure they can have their say and vote in the Police and Crime Commissioner election taking place in November 2012 and the local council elections in May 2013.

The Council is required to produce a new and accurate list of voters each year which then stays in force for the following twelve months. This process usually takes place in the Autumn but is being brought forward this year because of the Police and Crime Commissioner elections.

Electoral registration forms are being posted out in mid June to all 250,000 households in Cornwall. This will then be used as the basis for the elections in November and the local council elections the following May.

“The new electoral register will be published on 16 October and only people who are on the register will be able to vote“ explained David Cunningham, Cornwall’s Deputy Electoral Services Manager. “It is vital that people complete and return the form as soon as possible so their names can be included on the register and tax payers money can be spent most efficiently.”

The forms contain the details of all the people who are currently registered to vote at that address. If none of the details on the form have changed, the householder can either sign the form and return it in the pre paid envelope provided or register electronically by:

  • Phone
  • Registering online via a website
  • Sending a text message

Further details, including the security code that householders need to quote, are given on the form.

Registering electronically is not only the quickest and easiest method, but also the cheapest, thereby helping the Council to save taxpayers’ money.

If any details on the form have changed, people should cross through the names of anyone who no longer lives at the address, amend any mistakes or add the names of anyone new who is eligible to vote. They then need to sign the form and return it – either in the pre paid envelope or by dropping it into any Council office or one stop shop.

David and his team hope that as many people as possible will complete and return their forms as soon as they receive them. Otherwise a reminder will have to be sent out in early August to any households who have not yet replied – which will cost the Council additional money. In addition a team of over 100 canvassers will then visit any households who have still not registered in September to help people fill in their form.

“People are required by law to provide the information which is asked for in the forms“ said David . “While most people respond quickly, we always have a number of households who do not return their forms. If people look out for the forms and respond promptly then they can help to make savings which can go towards other essential services”.

Anyone does not receive a form is asked to contact the Council’s electoral registration team on 0300 123 1115.

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