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Views around Bodmin
Bodmin Town Council
Shire House, Mount Folly
Bodmin, PL31 2DQ
Tel: (01208) 76616
About Bodmin Town Council

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About Bodmin Town Council

Serving the Community

Mayor Choosing 2012Formed as a result of the reorganisation of local government in the mid 1970's, Bodmin Town Council serves a town population of approximately 14,500.

It liaises with the principal authority for the area (Cornwall Council) and apart from the local community, provides services for thousands of tourists who visit the town every year.

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Vision and Key Objectives

About the Council - Vision and Key Objectives In January 2004 the Council held a workshop involving Councillors and Officers to review the Bodmin Town Council's Mission Statement and Key Objectives to reflect the changing needs and aspirations of the community.

The outcome of this workshop and subsequent meetings was the agreement of the following revised vision and objectives:

Bodmin Town Council Vision -To create a sustainable and vibrant community for Bodmin.

Key Objectives - Bodmin Town Council aims to deliver its vision by:

  • Supporting the continued preservation and revitalisation of leisure, heritage, tourism, culture, social and educational needs of Bodmin.
  • developing partnerships for shared priorities with the public and private sector for the direct benefit of the community.
  • providing a democratic representation of the people of Bodmin.
  • working in partnership with other statutory bodies and agencies to pursue a joint approach in the delivery of best value providing a safer and healthier community.
  • contributing towards a socially inclusive and caring community.
  • encouraging economical development in a planned and appropriate way.
  • ensuring that the services provided by Bodmin Town Council are delivered as effectively, efficiently and economically as possible whilst being sensitive to the environment.

Quality Status

Bodmin Town Council was reaccredited with Quality Town Council status in February 2009.

The Council was awarded Quality Status in November 2004, which is a demonstration of the high standard that the council has achieved across a wide range of criteria. The Scheme was amended in June 2008 to include additional tests to better reflect the increased professionalism of local councils. In order to achieve Quality Status, parish and town councils must demonstrate that they have reached the standard required by passing a range of tests on electoral mandate, qualifications of the clerk, council meetings, communication and community engagement, annual report, accounts, Code of Conduct, promoting local democracy and citizenship, terms and conditions and training. Bodmin Town Council has been reaccredited against this expanded range of criteria.

The Council has not pursued an application to the revised Local Council Award Scheme which replaced the Quality Council Scheme in 2014 given the increased administrative burden. This stance has been adopted by other councils across the country and there are currently only three Cornish Council's (as at 30 April 2016) accredited with the Local Council Award Scheme. However, Bodmin Town Council continues to work within the spirit and framework of this scheme and would, were it to apply, achieve the Quality Award.

The Elected Council

A total of 16 Councillors (5 representing St Leonard’s Ward, 6 representing St Mary’s Ward and 5 representing St Petroc’s Ward) are elected to serve on the Town Council for a term of 4 years.

Each year the Council elects one of their number to be the Mayor who acts as a Civic Leader and chairs Council Meetings.

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Council Committees

Council CommitteesFull Council meets every two months. Meetings are held in the Shire House and there is a 15 minute open discussion period at the start of each meeting to enable members of the public to ask questions of the Council and raise awareness on various matters of interest. In addition to the full Council Meetings, the Council has 5 main Committees who meet according to the Council Calendar to ensure the effective management of its business. These Committees are:

  • Policy
  • Finance, Staffing and Performance Management (FS&PM)
  • Planning
  • Promotions
  • Properties

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Council Staff

The Council currently employs 14 full time and 14 part time staff headed by the Town Clerk to implement its policies.

Twinned Towns

Bodmin Town Council in twinned internationally with three other towns.

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