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Views around Bodmin
Bodmin Town Council
Shire Hall, Mount Folly Square
Bodmin, PL31 2DQ
Tel: (01208) 76616
Bodmin Town Council Services

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Services Provided by Bodmin Town Council

Services Provided by Bodmin Town Council

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The alphabetical Services list links to information about services provided by Bodmin Town Council.

If you cannot find a specific service on this page (such as waste disposal for example), try looking it up on the Cornwall Council website as it is likely that the service you require is provided by them.

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Berry Tower

Berry Tower This is a Grade II Listed Tower in the grounds of Berry Cemetery near to a Grade II Listed Preaching Cross. This historic tower is the surviving remnant of the Chapel of the Holy Rood built between 1501-1514 by the Guilds of the Holy Rood, St Christopher and the New Guild. A project to restore the tower is now complete. Click here for more information.


Bus Shelters

Council Services - Bus SheltersThe Council owns bus shelters at Five Ways (opposite St Lawrence's Church), Westheath Avenue (near Beech Drive junction), Dennison Road, and two at Mount Folly Square (outside Shire House and outside Shire Hall). The Council is also responsible for various seats around the town.

Car Parks

The Town Council owns one car park in the town. Priory Car Park (PL31 2DQ) is a mixed short stay and long stay Pay and Display car park for approximately 150 cars, with additional spaces adjacent to Bodmin Town Football Club. The Council also owns the Rhind Street Car Park (PL31 2EL) which has 25 bays rented out to local residents on a permit basis. There is currently a waiting list for permits at this site. To enquire about availability at Rhind Street please email your details to

The car parks listed here are all owned and run by Cornwall Council: Berrycoombe Road Long Stay; Dennison Road Short Stay; Fore Street Long Stay; Fore Street Short Stay and Victoria Square Long Stay. For more information visit Cornwall Council Car Parks For more information visit Cornwall Council Car Parks

arrow   View Parking Penalty Ticket information

arrow   View prices for Priory Car Park (PDF)

arrow   Car Parking Order 2001 (PDF)

maps  More information about Town and Cornwall Council Car Parks in Bodmin

maps  View Satellite Imagery Map showing Public Conveniences (without highlighted regions)

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

There are currently 12 CCTV cameras operating in Bodmin. Cameras are linked to the Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service Headquarters Tolvaddon where they are monitored regularly by a team of professionally trained officers and volunteers. Bodmin Town Council is a member of the West Cornwall CCTV Management Group which oversees the maintenance and monitoring of CCTV across eight towns in West Cornwall and one town in the East (Bodmin).

The intention of the CCTV system is to deter anti-social behaviour and prevent crime, thereby providing a safer environment for the benefit of the whole community.

The Town Council accepts that there may be legitimate public concern about the use of CCTV to monitor public areas; accordingly it is of fundamental importance that public confidence is maintained by fully respecting individual privacy. A degree of security has therefore been established to ensure the integrity of the recordings made and to ensure that what is seen remains highly confidential.

More information can be found here.


The Old Cemetery (including the Chapel as a store), the Garden of Remembrance in Cross Lane and the New Cemetery at Berry Lane are owned and maintained by the Town Council.

Motor vehicles are prohibited from entering the cemetery other than for the purposes of funerals, in connection with the erection and maintenance of memorials, or carrying out associated work. On-street parking in the area of the cemeteries is extremely limited and members of the public visiting the cemeteries are requested to park with consideration for nearby residents. Vehicular access to the New Cemetery is between the hours of 8.30 a.m. and 2.30 p.m., Monday – Friday. Vehicular access to the Old Cemetery and Garden of Remembrance may be arranged by calling the Council’s Parks & Open Spaces Manager on 07801 894444.

Pedestrian and wheelchair access to both sites is maintained at all times.

The Town Council’s Parks & Open Spaces Team is responsible for the maintenance of both sites. There is a regular grass cutting schedule in place (weather permitting) and some areas of the cemetery are under a ‘Living Cemetery’ management plan, with the aim of increasing the environmental enhancement of the Old Cemetery.

Link to Council web pages associated with Bodmin Cemeteries here for Memorial Application Forms, Cemetery Map and Memorial Regulations Policy.


In addition to responsibility for the town’s cemeteries, Bodmin Town Council also maintains St Lawrence’s and St Petroc’s Closed Churchyards. .

arrow  Contact Cemeteries Administrator


The Council owns and maintains St Lawrence’s Memorial Clock and the Turret Clock on the Mount Folly, which is a Grade II Listed Building.


The Town Council owns and maintains two football pitches at Coldharbour, Castle Canyke Lane. They pitches are on season-by-season loan to Bodmin Youth FC.


The Town Museum houses a rich heritage of artifacts and collections that tell the story of Bodmin from the earliest times until around 1950. The Museum is run by the Museum Committee, assisted by a team of volunteers.

Parks and Open Spaces and Play Areas

Bodmin Town Council owns a number of areas of local landscape importance providing visual impact and recreational amenity for the town, including: Beacon Local Nature Reserve - comprising the Beacon Monument and 18.3 acres (7.4 hectares) of open land that the Council manages under a Countryside Stewardship Agreement in partnership with Cornwall Council.
  • Beacon Playing Field
  • Berrycombe Vale (Hillside Park)
  • Coldharbour - 2 football pitches, pavilion and store.
  • Fair Park - including the Children’s Play Facility with multi-use ball court. This park is let out to fairs and circuses.
  • Priory Meadow
  • Priory Park - which includes the Children’s Corner Play Facility; Priory Pond; Priory Meadow; the Skate Park Facility; the 2 Football Pitches (the main pitch is floodlit), and Grandstand run under license by Bodmin Town Football Club.

In addition there are also open grass areas (some with play equipment) at Berryfields, Kay Crescent, Midway Road, Moor View, and Victoria Square.

maps  View Street Map showing Parks and Open Spaces

maps  View Satellite Imagery Map showing Parks and Open Spaces (without highlighted regions)

maps  View Map showing Play Areas

maps  View Satellite Imagery Map showing Play areas (without highlighted regions)

Public Conveniences

The Council provides a total of 4 public conveniences which are situated throughout the town:

  • Priory Park – open all year. Facilities comprise male toilets, female toilets, unisex disabled toilets (Radar key required) and baby changing.
  • Higher Bore Street – open all year. Facilities comprise male toilets and female toilets.
  • Fair Park – open all year. Facilities comprise male toilets, female toilets, unisex disabled toilets (Radar key required) and baby changing.
  • New Cemetery – open in line with the cemetery’s opening hours, which are 8.30 a.m. – 2.30 p.m., Monday – Friday. Facilities comprise male toilets and female toilets.

Radar keys are available to purchase from the Council’s reception desk in Bodmin Visitor Centre (Shire Hall) on Mount Folly.

maps  View Map showing Public Conveniences

maps  View Satellite Imagery Map showing Public Conveniences (without highlighted regions) 

Rhind Street Car Park

The Council recently converted 25 garages that were rented out at Rhind Street into a brand new car park. The car park has 25 bays and is a permit-based facility for local residents.

Room Hire Facilities - Shire House

Once the former Judge’s Lodgings, Shire House now serves as the Council Offices but also offers a range of meeting rooms of differing sizes, including the Shire House Suite, a licensed premises which will accommodate up to 200 people and may be used for various functions and conferences. Bookings can be made by contacting the Facilities Administrator, Jenna Wheten. You can find her contact details and view the rooms for hire online together with current rates here.

Shire Hall Information Centre

Once the County Assize Court, Shire Hall is a Grade II* Listed Building on the Mount Folly which was refurbished in 2000 with assistance from the Heritage Lottery Fund, European Regional Development Fund and Single Regeneration Budget grants. It now serves as a visitor's one-stop shop multi-use facility which includes the award-winning Information Centre (also serving as the Council’s Reception), the Exhibition Gallery, Jurybox Shop and the Charlotte Dymond Courtroom Experience. The top floor of Shire Hall is used by local community groups and commercial artists to stage exhibitions.

The Visitor Information Centre publishes an annual Accommodation List and the Bodmin Town and Moor Guide bi-annually. Fast track ticketing for attractions include ticket Box Office for the Theatre Royal, local events and National Express Coach tickets. It also has a website where customers can book local accommodation online.


With the growing emphasis on equality for disabled users and in the interests of helping them to access online content more effectively, Bodmin Town Council were keen to follow Cabinet Office guidelines which now require Principal Authority web developers to follow strict web code standards which are set by the World Wide Web Consortium (WC3). The result is the present website was launched in March 2008 provides accessibility features which serve to enhance and support online disabled users.

Web statistics reveal healthy trends of online traffic and demonstrate the usefulness of the site as the Council’s ‘electronic front desk’.   With more and more online users taking advantage of the benefits of the internet, seeks to provide the community of Bodmin with important and interesting information both attractively and interactively. Online visitors can find helpful information on the community including local services, places of interest, tourist information, local history, maps and more as well as being able to access all the Council’s policy documents, Agendas for forthcoming Committee Meetings and sets of Minutes.

Information on the website is regularly updated by a Web Management Team led by the Council’s Webmaster

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If you cannot find a specific service on this page (such as waste disposal for example), try looking it up on the Cornwall Council website as it is likely that the service you require is provided by them.

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