Time for a new Rural Strategy

The Rural Services Network, the national champion for rural services, works to ensure that people in rural areas have a strong voice. Their priority is fighting for a fair deal for rural communities to maintain their social and economic viability for the benefit of the nation as a whole. At a recent conference held in Taunton to mark the 20th anniversary of the last Rural White Paper, they called for the Government to develop a new Rural Strategy to rural proof all future national policy, to raise the profile of the communities of rural England and promote genuine equality for the next generation of residents living in rural England. In England today the challenges facing rural areas often leave residents and communities feeling isolated and largely overlooked by a political system that is seemingly focused on urban areas. The reality is that nearly 20% of England’s population reside in the countryside, more in total than in Greater London. There is a genuine need for their voice to be heard in these politically challenged times.

Rural Services Network are asking people to add their voice to the call to Government for action – for more information and to get involved visit their website here or read the information leaflet here.

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