Bodmin Skate Park to be closed

Bodmin Town Council regrets to announce that the existing skate park is to close.


The current ramps are at the end of their useful life and are now beyond economical and safe repair.  This skate park was originally constructed in the early 1990s and whilst ramps have been replaced, it is regrettably time to divert money towards the new, concrete skate park which will be built by Maverick in Priory Park (in the area of the tennis courts).


This decision will mean that there will be no skate park available through the summer of 2019.  It is deeply regrettable as it had been hoped to phase this facility out as the new concrete skate park was built and subsequently opened.  The subframe to the current ramps are in a condition where they are beyond repair and no longer in a condition to support any new ramp surface being affixed.  These costs would divert money away from the new facility which has now been commissioned.


Maverick were appointed by the Council at its meeting held on 23 May 2019 and which followed an open tender exercise.  The design of the new skate park will be led by users, with planning consent then being sought ahead of construction.  The total cost of the skate park build is around £165,000 and will be a facility to look forwards to.  It is hoped that construction work will commence in early Spring 2020, subject to planning and of course the unpredictable nature of the weather.


BTC have been in contact with Maverick and are in the process of setting up a user group to work alongside Maverick on the final design for the project,  this is hoped to enable the skate park to develop smoothly and be of a design that is suitable for all interested users.  BTC will endeavour to move this project on as quickly as possible within achievable timescales due to the recent problems with the old site.

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