Summer Recycling in North Cornwall

The following information has been received from Cornwall Council:

Summer Recycling in North Cornwall – new initiative to help ease recycling pressure.

This summer, Cornwall Council and our contractor Biffa are trialling a new collection service system to help us during the busy summer season.

During the busier Summer months Cornwall Council is committed to dealing with the increased volume of plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays, tins and cans. To meet the increased demand, we are using one of our larger bulk collection vehicles, usually used for collecting rubbish, in certain areas of North Cornwall to pick up plastics and tins only. This will prevent our standard recycling collection vehicles from having to return to the recycling centre so often and will enable us to ensure that all of the collections are completed on time.

The vehicle will be clearly marked as being on recycling duty and will only collect from designated areas.

The materials collected by the bulk collection vehicle will be recycled at the Suez Materials Recycling Facility, Bodmin Industrial Estate, Launceston Road, Bodmin with all the other recyclable materials we collect from households at the kerbside.

We will inform all of our stakeholders of the temporary system.

Two vehicles will visit properties on the streets listed on recycling collection day, the regular vehicle will pick up cardboard, paper, glass and textiles the other will collect the plastic and cans:

Monday Week 1

Browning Drive; Dawe Crescent; Foster Drive; Jago Close; Queens Crescent; Helman Tor View; Tretoil View; College Green; Kestell Parc; Grass Valley Park; Halgavor Park; Roman Drive; Celia Heights; Royffe Way; St Marys Road; Fair Park

Tuesday Week 1

Midway Road; Bodiniel View; Alexandra Road; Sandra Way; Sherwood Drive; Margaret Crescent; Statham Road; Elizabeth Close; Flamank Park

Thursday Week 1

Wallace Road; Berry Lane; Harmer Close; Berryfields; Boxwell Park; Wingfield; Rossett Gardens; Leafield; Oakwood Park; Mayfield Close

Thursday Week 2

Gilbert Road; Abbots Close; Radnor Close; Priors Barn; Canyke Fields; Pendavey Road

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