Bodmin Town Council declares Climate Emergency

Following Cornwall Council’s declaration of a climate emergency, at its Full Council meeting held on 19 September 2019, Bodmin Town Council agreed to adopt a motion put forward by Councillor L L Frost and seconded by Councillor A M Kerridge to declare a climate emergency. The following points were proposed and agreed:

a)  Declare a climate emergency

b)  Pledge to work towards making Bodmin carbon neutral by 2030

c)  Work with Cornwall Council to assist them with their declaration to make Cornwall carbon neutral by 2030

d)  Act as a voice for the community to lobby for action on climate change, raise the profile and share lessons with higher levels of government

e)  Continue to work with the community of Bodmin and its surrounding parishes to deliver this new goal through all relevant strategies and plans

f)  Facilitate a working group that will prepare an action plan within 6 months to address this emergency

It was agreed that Councillors L L Frost and A M Kerridge would take the lead in producing the agreed Action Plan, with the Working Group to include Bodmin Town Councillors and interested members of the community, and that the group would also work with local organisations such as the Bodmin Climate Action Network to facilitate a joined-up approach to galvanise Bodmin in support of this important issue.

For questions or comments, please contact Councillor L L Frost or Councillor A M Kerridge.

Updates on the progress of the Working Group will be reported to future Committee and Council meetings.

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