Aims and Objectives 2017-2020

  ‘Investing in our community to improve Bodmin’

The strategic aims of Bodmin Town Council fall under four main categories:

RESOURCES: To sustain a financially viable Town Council which is considered an employer of choice within the town.

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: To effectively communicate and work with the community to support the development of the town as a place to visit, live and work.

ECONOMY: To support the development of the local economy.

LAND, PROPERTIES, PARKS AND OPEN SPACES: To secure and develop access to parks, open spaces and cemeteries for use by residents of, and visitors to, Bodmin and to reduce losses associated with BTC land and buildings whilst increasing community usage.

More specifically, Bodmin Town Council has identified the following key goals which they aim to deliver during their current term (please click on each box for further information):

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