Courtroom Experience

From 1 October the Courtroom Experience will be closing, and the attraction’s format will be changing.

The courtroom will remain in situ and it will continue to be publicly accessible. A revised entrance fee will be introduced to reflect this change and, subject to an agreed work plan, it will reopen to the public at a future date. The animatronics will be removed but the information boards and the history will be kept for continued enjoyment.

The Town Council has taken the decision to close this attraction in its current form as the cost to bring the Courtroom Experience up to modern user expectations is beyond the scope of the Council’s budget. The Council is also very aware that Bodmin Jail will be introducing a high tech ‘experience’ which would outcompete the Town Council’s offer.

However, the Shire Hall, as the former Assize Court, retains a rich history and heritage. The Council will be looking to see if local partnership models can be identified and developed to continue to tell its unique story.


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