Courtroom Experience

Do you love a good murder mystery? Always fancied doing jury service? Want to experience Victorian Cornish History?

Then visit the Courtroom Experience, an award winning visitor attraction here in the heart of Bodmin.

The Courtroom Experience is an interactive, guided tour of the original county courts of Cornwall.  The experience is led by one of our knowledgeable Courtroom Ushers who will be your tour guide and will meet you in the foyer to take you through the experience.  The tour begins with a short talk giving you some information about the building and some background to the story of Matthew Weeks and Charlotte Dymond – a tragic and mysterious story of spurned love and brutal murder on Bodmin Moor in 1844.

Then the usher will take you into the original courtroom where you will be invited to take a seat.  Here the usher will introduce you to the characters in the courtroom and give some snippets of information to think about during the trial.

The trial then begins and is a mixture of lights, film and animatronics and the case of Matthew Weeks is told.

Towards the end of the trial you are asked to vote, based on what you have seen, whether you think that Matthew was guilty or not guilty of the crime.  The trial culminates with the historical outcome of the trial.

Finally, the usher takes you down to the original holding cells where you can stand inside on the tiny, gloomy  cells.

The whole experience takes about one hour. It is not essential to book, however there are occasions throughout the year where a Courtroom Experience session will be closed for a large group booking, so please call on the day you wish to visit to check the sessions available. For more information on session times and prices please click on the red ‘BodminLive’ tab at the top of the page

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