Councillor Jeremy Cooper (Mayor)

Photograph by Emily Whitfield-Wicks

Councillor Cooper is currently serving as Mayor for the 2019/20 term, having served as Deputy Mayor for the 2018/19 term

As Mayor, Councillor Cooper sits on all the Council’s Standing Committees (Finance, Staffing & Performance Management, Planning, Policy, Promotions and Properties) as Ex Officio.

He is also the Council’s Representative on the following outside bodies:

Bodmin Community Network Area
Camel Trail Partnership

Political Banner: Independent

2018/19 Members’ Allowance: claimed

Contact Councillor Cooper by phone on 01208 77145 or email

2 Scarletts Well Park, Bodmin PL31 2RF

For any queries regarding Mayoral engagements or availability please liaise with the Mayor’s Secretary, Tara Stiles, on 01208 455738 or by email

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