Fair Park

As the name suggests, the green space at Fair Park (which has Showman’s Guild Rights in place), has been the site of visiting fairs and circuses for hundreds of years. It continues to be used for this purpose to this day, providing welcome and varied forms of entertainment to the community.

Located on the western side of the town, the site is multi-use and has a small all-weather football and basketball court and a well-provisioned children’s play area.  These are available even when the green space is occupied.

When not in use for entertainment the green space is great for a kick-about, with a new set of full-size football goals having been installed in early 2019.  The site has a small set of public toilets which the Council is currently in the process of refurbishing (works scheduled to be undertaken in 2019).  Bodmin Town Council’s Parks Team have also been busy planting spring bulbs around the edge of Fair Park to add a splash of colour to the area.

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