Priory Park

The largest area of mixed use open space under Bodmin Town Council stewardship (roughly 24.5 acres) and located in the centre of the town, this park has a long history dating back to medieval times and the remains of the old Priory (destroyed during Henry VIII’s Dissolution of the Monasteries) can be found near the large pond in the centre of the park. This pond also forms part of the town’s flood defence scheme and the town leat drains into the pond before making its way into the River Camel.

The park contains a large play area (which will have a new multi-use play trail added in 2019), the Town Council’s Priory Car Park, the war memorial and Bodmin Town FC.  The Council’s Parks Team are working to clear and replant areas of this park to improve the floral displays and to give some areas of the park a more open feel.  Planting will be a mixture of native and non-native species and, where possible, will provide food and/or habitat for the town’s wildlife.

Priory Park hosts several of the town’s events through the year, with the ever popular charity events of Alstock and the Bodmin Fireworks display to name but two.

The park consists of a mixture of open grassland, seasonal flower beds, permanent planting and a variety of trees both recently planted and fine mature specimens.  Some of the larger trees were planted during the Victorian period when the park formed part of the gardens to the Robartes family town house.

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